Best HSPA Package in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, we have 3 HSPA service providers. Out of them, 2 providing unlimited broadband packages(Dialog and Airtel). FUP(fair usage policy) is the problem of Dialog. otherwise it is the best HSPA Connection from Speed and other Value added services. Im getting 1.2-1.6mbps average download speed from dialog.

Mobitel is the fastest of all. getting 1.6-2.0mpbs (sometimes 2+). but they dont offer any unlimited packages to customers.

then what about Airtel? im getting something around 250-450kbps download speed. thats sooo… slow when comparing to the other service providers.


Actually unable to recommend one of above due to negative sides of each product. However im using Dialog HPSA by considering the speed and package (Unlimited)

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12 thoughts on “Best HSPA Package in Sri Lanka

  1. May be your in a place where you don’t have proper Airtel 3.5G coverage,I am using Airtel unlimited package and I am getting 1.4 – 2 Mbps average speed in Kolonnawa where as in Dialog unlimited package I got only 900kbps – 1Mbps ,Location matters I guess

  2. totally agreeing with you. but in our area Airtel’s HSPA signal strength is 100%. mostly a prob of band width

  3. Am using Mobitel Zoom Pacakge. Ya… they have no unlimited packages. But i found it to be cheapest on the long run if you don’t need to download movies and all, but use it for normal use.

    My bro gave up Dialog dongle for Airtel in Feb. But he switched back to dailog as he had trouble with Airtel unlimited package. Been telling him to switch to Mobitel lol

    1. Dialog usual speed of 1.2-1.6mbps. Airtel speed should be around 600-900kbps. But that’s not stable in each and every time.

  4. Im in Pagoda Road, Nugegoda.
    There is no Airtel 3G or Dialog 3G inside my house, the Mobitel Tower is about 1/2 km from my house. I get only average of about 800k from Mobitel. My sister uses Dialog unlimited in Maharagama, ( tower is about 1 km from house ) and gets around 1.5 – 2 mb.

    1. its depends. as we all know both providing a service with shared bandwidth. so if its shared less, you are getting a good speed. if its shared with many, speed is low. depends on the capacity (available bandwidth), users, other factors. as per island wide details, dialog and mobitel are leading. but the airtel is not up their competitors standard !

    2. That’s because Dialog signals are more strengthen than airtel to ur area,Don’t mind it bro,change ur sim to dialog…

  5. That’s because Dialog signals are more strengthen than airtel to ur area,Don’t mind it bro,change ur sim to dialog…

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