Free Verses – Once upon a day

123Free Verse in Sinhala

Ekamath eka Dawasaka

“Once upon a day” by Ish for D Zone

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18 thoughts on “Free Verses – Once upon a day

  1. What a creation? You have long way to go. The famous artist also begins their carrier with minor creations. But your creation seems much more ahead of beginers. Wish you all the best and remember that you have a bright future too.

  2. Very nice Ish, but y u always write so sad verses ?
    But this is very nice,i like this alot. Ya u have a long way to go

  3. Obe sina laga netha nawathuna da
    obe katha laga sitha nawathuna da
    premaya hadinnemi
    premaya hadinnemi
    me lo thalaye …

  4. Some says good. Some says excellent & some says awesome. I’ll say all of that. It is good,excellent not only that it is pretty awesome too.

    Some ppl says “Virahava,adarayata vada sundari”. While looking at such a poem who can disagree with that.

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