Tata Nano to hit Sri Lanka market

Update 2011/06/10 – Tata Nano taxi service in Sri Lanka

Update 2011/05/29 –  Now It’s available in Sri Lanka. Click here to view the Price Table

Update 2011/05/23 – Nano to hit Lankan roads next week

Update 2011/01/08 – The Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) will introduce Tata nano, the people’s car, to the Sri Lankan market by early part of this year (2011).

The company has not yet finalized the exact introductory time of the car and the price range. However, there are many enquiries for Tata nano as the public have shown a great interest on the world’s cheapest car, a DIMO official told.

Update 2010/6/1 – Vehicles import duty slashed by 50%

Update 2010/6/5 – New Tax structure (table)

The much talked world’s lowest priced passenger car, Tata Nano would be available in Sri Lanka by end of the year. Diesel and Motor Engineering Company (DIMO) is the authorized dealer for Tata vehicles in Sri Lanka.

As per them, they have requested Tata Motors to give us around 50 cars of the luxury model per month for the Sri Lankan market. These luxury models will come with air conditioning. The price of the Nano model in India is 120,000 Indian rupees, or 2,000 US dollars including taxes.

The nearest priced competitor is Maruti 800, which costs roughly twice as much as the Nano.

However they are expecting the car to cost less than Rs. 800,000 (Update 2011/5/29  – Price starting from Rs 925,000) in Sri Lanka with all the taxes.

The small four door, five-seat hatch back Nano car is about three meters long. The Nano’s also expected to get 50US miles per gallon and the Diesel version too is on the way

Tata can currently produce about 60,000 Nanos a year until a 250,000-unit plant in Gujarat State comes up in 2009.

The Indian company had said that it plans to sell a version of the Nano in Europe in two thousand eleven. After that, the car will also be available in the United States. Experts say demand for low-priced automobiles is likely to increase as the international economic crisis continues.

Driving the Tata Nano

Comparison of Maruti and Tata Nano


Specifications by Part


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  1. I am Muthukumarana, Court Commissioner, in Colombo. I wish to purchase Black or red colored Nano Car for my private use. Please let me know how to reserve a car and prices

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