“The War Victory” in Cartoons (1)

At the end of the Victorious War, We have decided to post some selected newspaper cartoons which are drawn related to the War Victory.

Pls post your comments


4 thoughts on ““The War Victory” in Cartoons (1)

    1. may be for LTTE supports. pls understand the art of cartoons Mr.
      (pls note this cartoons are captured from national newspapers of Sri Lanka)

  1. Some idiots are still crying……. Babud……Do you think that you don’t have a freedom to live in Sri Lanka??? If they were fight for their freedom WHY the hell they KILLED their own innocent people when they are rescuing??? Tamil people can live in everywhere in Sri Lanka. BUT Sinhala People can do that??? So, if you are a Sri Lankan live in abroad please shut up your mouth….. b’coz U don’t know the truth. There is no discrimination to the Tamil people or anyone.. We all are in Sri Lankans!!!!! Thanks for the very nice cartoons…….. Keep it up…

  2. WHOZ DIS babudeepan??? WE FEEL SOOO SORRY ABOUT U MAN. U may delete ur stupid comment, not those cartoons …
    HUH !!!

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