Is Praba alive?

PED1When you watching this picture, what you can feel. Uncertainty?  Disappointment?  Oh god, what’s going on…like. No need to worry.

Click here to view the Real and the Edited Picture

This is also a try of LTTE supporters to saying “ Praba is Alive”. But we have to say one thing to our viewers. That’s “Still LTTE supporters are live in sri lanka and aboard”. Please be in Alert!


5 thoughts on “Is Praba alive?

  1. Praba must be watching TV from Hell. Note that the TV does not have any power cables. 🙂 The wall is a bit “crooked” too 😀

  2. Praba is alive. He lives in all the expatriates’ hearts who are abroad and living in foreign countries as well. Remeber he won the heart of all Tamils as he stood up and faught for justice. People should understand the real issue between the Sinhalease Regime and Tamils.

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