Attention Please


This is one of the finalists of Miss India contest. As you can see one of the backgrounds they have selected to take their photographs dressed in bikinis is a statue of Lord Buddha who is a respected prophet of a religion well over 2500 years old. This type of indifference would no doubt create great pain in hearts of devoted Buddhists all over the world.

It is high time that all Buddhists stand up to this kind of disrespect which has made people take this great religion and its prophets for a joke. This message goes pot to all people who are devoted to whatever religion they are part of.

Wouldn’t you oppose this kind of animalistic behaviour?


8 thoughts on “Attention Please

  1. Go to hell that lady. Why the heck are those bitches are insulting religions? Don’t they have any other thing to do?

  2. This photo may not destroy Buddhism. But opposing it may destroy it. Tolerance is an aspect of Buddhism. If we take up arms for each and every thing that we don’t like it will become a war among all of us. This has started to happen now. It may destroy not only religious beliefs but also the mankind itself. If there is no tolerance inter religions, there can be one winner destroying other religions(according to history). Then it goes to intra-religion disputes(sects etc.). The end is the end of mankind.

  3. You people want to be buddhist’s ??? Where is your understanding and tolerance ? Buddhism is not a Religion it’s a Philosophy i dont find anything bad with this beautiful lady posing with a statue of Lord Buddha. You know what is really bad ? ? ? Children dying of hunger and disaes 1 child dying every 4 seconds; 15 children dying every minute … The silent killers are poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses.So now you can go and protest against beautiful woman being exposed in public.

    Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

    1. PIERROT is correct in that Buddhism is not a religion.

      Buddhism is a WAY OF LIFE.

      A peaceful way of life which is far better than that of the so-called religion of islam as practiced by so many terrorists nowadays.

      islam is only a bastardised version of so many other religions, designed by mohammed – read up on his and you will see “he changed his mind” whenever those who were listening to his version did not like what he said.

      muslims a have a saying for it – – –

      محمد غير رأيه

      Unfortunately should this be pointed out to them, muslims remain silent for an explanation.

      “Living by the point of my spear”
      Zaki Ameen (ex-imam shariah in Egypt, Iraq Yemen)
      ISBN 13 978-0-9809948-6-5
      ISBN 11 9 780980 994865
      Publication Date: 1 March, 2009



      “The truth about Muhammad”
      Robert Spencer
      IBSN 13 978-1-59698-528-5
      Regency Publishing Inc.

    2. Yes, I will agree wit you Pierrot,
      Buddhism is a philosophy not a religion.

      It is a wonderful lifestyle that more races could follow whilst still maintaining their religion. What a wonderful world we would all live in if more people followed the Buddhist principals.

      IMAGINE- This world without the likes of
      islamic terrorists,
      Boko Haram,

      However, where your response falls down is in its ignoring RESPECT FOR OTHER’s WAY OF LIFE ! ! !

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