Oh King, You have ruined the examination

Police Constables Interdicted For Failure To Prevent Writing Slogan Mocking President


Two police constables in Kurunegala Police have been interdicted  for not arresting a group of people who had scrawled a slogan on a wall near the clock tower in the middle of Kurunegala town. An unknown group of people had written a sentence regarding the issues of school term tests. So far no one has been arrested for writing the sentence when translated means  “Oh king, you have ruined the examination, haven’t you?”

The wall is near the police station and how a sentence with such large letters could be written without anyone in the police station noticing the act is a question. A senior police officer said it is the inefficiency of the Kurunegala Police not to find who writes on the walls when the police patrol vehicles pass the place throughout the day. The two police constables who had been on duty last morning were interdicted for not being able to arrest the culprits.

from lankatruth.com


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