1794_1With his maiden cinematic venture young Sampath Sri Roshan makes his first appearance as a filmmaker with ‘Julia’ while another young man Charith Abeysinghe plays the role of producer.

Julia, an international production with Sri Lanka-England coordination has completed its shooting and will soon be ready for screening.

The story of Julia …

The film, a quadrangle revolving around the main characters Julia, Dilru, Dev and Shakie whose lives are intertwined and interlinked. Julia, the innocent and naïve young woman enjoying the bliss of youth is fascinated, like any other girl of her age, by trendy and handsome young men. Unfortunately for her, the youth who steals her heart is a cunning manipulator by the name of Dilru. With his deceptive good looks and clothes he is sure to attract women at will. And Julia is no exception. She meets Dilru and falls head over heels in love. But she is not aware that the young man is in Sri Lanka after fleeing England as he is suspected of involvement in the murder of a young girl, a Sri Lankan expatriate. Julia’s whole life takes a new turn with this fateful meeting.

Meanwhile Dev, Dilru’s bosom pal when he was in England comes to Sri Lanka in search of his ‘friend’. However, they do not meet as Dilru has left the country prior to the arrival of Dev. Instead, as fate had decreed, Dev meets Julia when it was least expected or anticipated.

And the rest of the story shows how their interactions affect their own youthful lives and those of others around them? They are faced with a multitude of issues and they search for their own solutions. How would these issues be resolved?

Cast Ravindra Randeniya, Robin Fernando, Veena Jayakodi, Sriyantha Mendis, Rex Kodippili, Sandun Wijesiri, Sanet Dikkumbura, Bandula Suriyabandara, Teddy Vidyalankara, Sasanthi Jayasekara, Charith Abeysinghe ( Main Actor), Nadeesha Hemamali (Main Actress), Harsha Bulathsinghala, Achala Walpola

Songs of Julia –

Sarath sadhe rayata (Download)

Rathagili naliyana gimahane (Download)

Ashanthi (Download)

Daas agin obe (Download)

Rathagili Naliyana handaawe (Download)

Sarath sadhe – Remix (Download)

Rathagili naliyana gimhane (Download)

Ashanthi (Download)

Rathagili naliyana gimhane – Remix (Download)


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