Tourism boom in Sri Lanka

6176_102226176454118_100000002081095_64521_6790451_sIn the History of srilanka, more appropriately history of the world about to begin. The adventure of srilanka from the point of view of its location in the Indian ocean to offer itself as a South Asian Hub is by it self a tremendous potential from a market outlook.

Continues press release empisises that srilanka is unsafe to travel. This was done throe media reporting, Travel warning of certain web sites.  President Mahinda Rajapaksha & defense forces achieve in completely annihilating the most dangerous terrorist group that ever existed in recent history. In today’s context City of Colombo safe as city of London


Sri Lanka Tourism intends to attract 2.5 million tourists in available plan that would bring in Rs.2.5 billion revenue to the country. The country plans a half a million tourist arrivals by end 2010. Country’s tourist arrivals did a dramatic jump in July 2009 by a remarkable 28% increase compared 2008; Sri Lanka received 438,475 visitors in 2008, a drop of 11.2 percent from a year earlier. Tourist revenue declined by 11.2 percent to $342 million as a visitor stayed away because of intense fighting’s Lanka is targeting half a million arrivals and $400 million in earnings in 2010.


Sri Lanka being now identified as the best hum for tourist comfort and relaxation. because, beautiful  sandy beaches, 1600KMs of excellent coastline with warm waters (22-26 C) & sunshine , ancient cities, wild life park , highly desirable climate condition both upcountry & low country , friendly population , Green hill country & hill country hotels, golf courts. Some of the best tourist development cites such as Arugambay, Passikudah, Trincomalee ,Nilaveli ,Kalpitiya to be develop soon. In future tourism industry made a remarkable percentage in Gross National Income.


“Tourism boom in Sri Lanka”



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