UK introduces war crime clause in visa applications of Sri Lankans

sel0022l copyIn future, all Sri Lankan visa applicants to UK have to fill a column on war crime involvements. This means that the applicant has to declare his involvements, if any, in war crimes. This is a sequel to allegations of human rights violations leveled against the SL Forces, it is reported.

It is significant to note that in the recent past ,visa applications of many Govt. politicos including visa applications of the family of Western province Governor , Alavi Moulana were rejected by the UK High Commission , while the visa application of Minister Keheliya Rambukwella was rejected by the Canadian High Commission.

Is this to pay their support to War against Terrorism or to show their Commitment to the LTTE supporters in UK?


2 thoughts on “UK introduces war crime clause in visa applications of Sri Lankans

  1. This shows the bankrupt and atrotious policies of our former Colonial Master who does not believe that we are now a free nation but not their slave any more. All these petty pinching may not damage Sri Lanka but their own image. It exposes the truth of the silly excuse that they gave for invading Iraq as they are not really interested at all to “fight against terrorism”.

  2. yes Mr. Tilak. we had that experience. the way of they forced us for a ceasefire. coz of what, to save LTTE. then what’s the reason for this. TO get the support or favor of LTTE supporter to the upcoming elections. poor UK.

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