One mobile Number with different operators

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After introducing the new tariff plan of Mobitel Smart, Other mobile operators have introduced their new packages as well with the new tariff plans to their customers. From a Price war, Subscribers are getting more and more advantages with a low tariff.

But as per the dealers and retailers, Customers are in a trouble of selecting the best package out of all. Not only that, they have to pay new package change fees and new connection fees when shifting to a new operator. Even if they like to change their operator, they can’t do so because of the Mobile Number.

As a new concept, can we think about a mobile no which is not fixed to a one mobile operator? As an example, I’m using a Mobitel connection and willing to purchase a Dialog package for the same number. But up to now it’s not possible in Sri Lanka as per the regulations of TRC (telecommunication regularity commission) and the disagreements with the mobile operators.

If we call a vote for this, Tigo,Hutch and Airtel  are voting in favour of this because they don’t have a big and profitable customer base when comparing to the main operators. How can we get the Vote of Dialog and Mobitel? This is for the consideration of regulators or governing bodies.

New Tariff plans (Pre Paid) –

Dialog TelekomPer Second Package | Per Minute Package

MobitelSmart Package (Per Min)

TigoPer Second Package

HutchTic Tic Per Second | Per Minute Package | Hutch 12

Airtel – Super Value 49


8 thoughts on “One mobile Number with different operators

  1. It’s really a good idea if it comes into practice. But as said, practical issues still pertain with the scenario. When sorted out everything, then this would be a very good solution for rate-plan crisis among the mobile network operators.

    1. I was involved during number portability implementation in Finland. A third party also come into place that holds details of ported numbers for routing (e.g. Dialog numbers in Airtel, Airtel numbers in Dialog etc.) . When a operator wants to connect a call to another operator, they have a option of getting routing information from this third party first (e.g. Dialog number may now belong to Airtel, so routing will be done to Airtel). Even a operator (or foreign idd incoming operator) tries to route through dialog, still call goes through as regulators force operators to route such calls. Obviously with this lot of implications come. Billing/rating becomes no longer possible by number patterns. (e.g. If you have a package dialog to dialog 1000 minutes free, if the dialog number you are dialing belong to airtel now. it won’t be free!).

  2. if when Airtel getting their licence in SL, they have requested this. however its rejected by TRC due to the objections of other operators. thats means its possible. partially working/doing in some counties.

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