What happened in Hikka 2009

Hikka-1Tourism Promotion Minister Faizer Mustapa says that there was no indecent behavior displayed at the recently concluded Hikkaduwa Beach Festival, in spite of pictures to the contrary depicting semi-nude women circulated in the media and  via email. in particular on the reports of semi-nudity the Minster said “It is a complete fabrication, it did not happen at the Hikka Festival”. He had explained that the Tourism Ministry had been very conscious of its responsibility to the country’s culture and heritage and that measures had been taken to ensure that no indecency prevailed during the course of the four-day extravaganza.

Not only by publishing the statement of the Minister, We (dzone) have decided to analyse the photos and the story behind this

Some photos published in web sites and circulated mails

click pics to zoom

As per above pictures, Tigo, Elephant house, apple soda brands were sponsored to this event. But if you check the official web site of hikkafest 2009 (http://www.hikkafest.com/), these brands were not sponsored to the 2009 event.


click pics to zoom

Its very clear Dialog was the official event partner, Yes FM was the media partner and Brand “Sprite” was the official beverage provider. That means these are not the pictures of Hikkafest 2009. It can be some pictures of previous year/years.

About Nude photos

click pics to zoom

We can clearly see some foreigners with locals. May be, they are Sri Lankans or Asian origins. No evidences to prove it or refuse. Sometimes those pictures were captured from a beach party from Middle East country (like Dubai).

Watch the picture # 4 very carefully. As per Gossip Lanka (gossiplanka.blogspot.com), these showers are commonly using in Gulf countries but not able to see in Hikkaduwa.

Initiated Article of Divaina Online Edition


You can read the full article of Divaina by clicking the picture.

Divaina is a main newspaper in Sri Lanka and their online edition also in the top list of online newspapers. But they have reported this incident as a story without any evidences to prove their article. They should be more responsible when reporting this type of incident.

“Something happened” Yes, We believe it. But not as published in newspaper or circulated mails. Is this to get a political advantage or bemire? Who knows!

Related blog Post Update (2009/9/22) :

Four suspects in Hikka doctored photo case arrested


37 thoughts on “What happened in Hikka 2009

  1. It is very clear that some sad people are trying to sabotage the great event. The Hikka beach fest is a great start for tourism and putting us in the map once again. People who are responsible for this fake publicity like “Divina” and other media should be sued sweet!!

    Many of us are really looking forward in going back to the Hikka Beach Fest 2010 and the Negambo Beach Fest in Nov/Dec 2009!!

  2. The joker who publishes the GossipLanka blog and hosts the pictures on his webvahini.com website is registered as:

    Mr. Dhananjaya Sooriyaarachchi,
    9, Kashyapa Road,
    Dehiwala, WP,
    Sri Lanka.

    Authorities should take action against this person for spreading irrepsonsible and misleading rumors.

  3. Divaina Just needed more publicity. That’s why they published that images.. When government banned the porn websites, they do same thing.. Published the URL’s of Websites.

    in 2007 i worked with one of Sri Lankan National newspaper, as a head of graphic department.. SO i know what is the process..

    This is just for publicity & for some political ambitions.

    1. ya thats true. Head of graphic dep??? means you know the every thing about “news making”. so many softwares to do that. i think news papers are publishing not the correct news but the “News they want”. thanks for your comment.

  4. Yuhhh… But its hard.. i remembered about Thursday night. Wednesday morning i went job. Friday night come to home. it was a weekend newspaper & uhhhhhhh… because Main headline is the wroth..

    Actually Divaina is bit touching Sex stories..

  5. Oh I was surprised to see the nude pics..
    I am not in favor with those acts and I think its against your culture.. Am I right.

    1. ya you are 100% correct. thats the reason for this article. someone tried to give a bad image to our country by using some pictures(not captured in our country). posted this article with evidences too prove it.

  6. Who really cares if these people took their clothes off and went for a swim (or whatever they are supposed to have done)???

    I remember being at the Womad festival on Galle Face Green in Colombo a few years back when gangs of young boys aged around 15 years old were terrorising local and foreign women by perpetually groping their breasts and back sides. I saw nothing about this in the press at the time despite the fact that the experience was deeply traumatic for large numbers of women!

    Here, whether it is true or not, some folks have just gone for a swim and a shower together – hardly the greatest crime and all seemingly consensual.

    I don’t understand this notion that we has some moral high ground to protect our citizens from apparent lewd acts and protect our culture of female repression.

    Sri Lanka is used to suicide on a mass scale (if you believe reports that put these things into global perspectives), have one of the highest levels of alcoholism in the world, rape is relatively common, supression of women’s freedoms is considered totally normal, suicide bombing is considered something worth routine security checks….. etc etc etc….

    I don’t see where the line that Sri Lanka is an innocent culture comes from. To me, our country is one of the most corrupted and twisted places. People in Lanka have seen more gritty real life than most in the world.

    In my experience we are also some of the most adulterous people in the world. What difference will a few people swimming and partying in the nude make to the country??

    The photos probably are fake. But that doesn’t change my point, that this notion of protecting Sri Lankan culture is an outdated concept that doesn’t stand up in modern times.

    Personally, I’m all for nudity in Sri Lanka, if it can teach some of the guys to be a bit more tolerant of women. I’ve never been to a country (except possibly India) where the average man (outside Colombo that is) is so sexually frustrated.

    Give the young guys and girls in Sri Lanka a break and let them modernise – a more liberal society in Lanka might not be such a bad thing and at least teenage guys might have to stop banging their mates between the legs as a substitute for the real thing…….

    If you want to organise a beach festival with international appeal (as most publicly released documents state)then this is what you you need to tolerate. This is how people at beach carnivals and festivals all over the world behave.

    1. first thanks for you comment. lot of thing as per your view. however this was organized by the ministry of Cultural affairs & ministry of tourism. what we are saying is “organizing this type of event by ministry of Cultural affairs is wrong”. if this is organized only by ministry of tourism, we have to rethink about for view too. anyway both ministries confirmed this was not happened like published (nudity). but the main aim of this article is to explain ” the about photos are not from the hikka 2009″.

  7. some very interesting points… but i think your research and bias leaves a lot to be desired… then of course, that’s just my opinion…
    have a great day… definitely a thought-provoking post!

  8. i don’t simply understand why someone going ‘naked’ is against someone else’s culture.. culture is an individualized entity after all.. ain’t it??

  9. HEY..

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