LBW! $1 Million Stolen from SL Cricket

hashanSri Lanka has received a large sum of money through certain contracts that were signed recently but the authorities are stealing millions of rupees that could be used for the development of cricket which are available from foreign sources, says the former test cricket captain Hashan Thillakaratne.

“I can say with responsibility that there was lack of transparency in the deal that was signed with Taj recently. It was signed for four years without a proper basis. While Bangladesh was granted $90 million and Pakistan was granted $140 million, Sri Lanka received only a mere $37 million,” he said addressing a media briefing in Colombo.

As the tenders were signed for the Indian tour, there were bids amounting to $7.56 million but they had signed contracts for $6 million, he alleged

Commenting on the issue he also asked whether there could be administrators who say 6 million is adequate when 7.56 million has been offered. Therefore what has really happened to the balance money?  “I say with responsibility that these two agreements were signed by Liyanagama, the competent authority and Duleep Mendis on behalf of the Board,” he said.

“The Secretary to the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Minister should admit the responsibility and resign from their posts,” Thillakaratne said.

Meanwhile the Secretary to the Ministry of Sports S. Liyanagama said there had been media briefings and TV programmes in that regard earlier as well.

“There is no need to make statements in this regard because steps have been taken to inquire into these matters,” Liyanagama said.


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