Mobitel reduced its Broadband tariffs

m3Mobitel, Sri Lanka’s National Mobile services provider has revised its post paid broadband packages ( M3 Zoom packages). M3 High Speed Internet offers you the most economical packages coupled with the highest quality.

Mobitel is the only mobile network who revising their tariffs regularly without following others & the number one operators with high speed and economical broadband solutions. New tariffs of mobitel are very competitive. Due to that reason, rest has to reduce its charges to save their customer base

Package – Zoom 490

Free Data Bundle – 750MB | Excess Usage Charge – Rs 5 for 10MB (Rs 0.50 per 1mb)

Package – Zoom 890

Free Data Bundle – 4GB | Excess Usage Charge – Rs 2 for 10MB (Rs 0.20 per 1mb)

Package – Zoom 1290

Free Data Bundle – 8GB | Excess Usage Charge – Rs 1.50 for 10MB (Rs 0.15 per 1mb)


* Check the Package name & Entitled volume ( still not updated in mobitel site)


Downlink – 3.6mbps for Zoom 1290 & 1mbps for other packages

Uplink – 1.98 Mbps for Zoom 1290 & 1mbps for other packages

Other Details

Price Capped at 7500.00 ( maximum bill amount. if exceeded need to pay only 7500.00

Connection Fee – 500.00

Refundable Deposit – 2000.00 for Zoom 1290 & 1500.00 for other packages


Above are the new packages and tariffs. But still they haven’t updated these details in their web site

however you can confirm it ( if have any doubt) from their Hotline 0712755777 (free of charge)


Competitive packages

dialog_logoDialog Mobile Broadband (post paid)

Usage Unlimited with FUP (1mpbs speed Upto 5GB, 384kbps from 5 to 6gb and onward 64kbps)

Rental – 2990 ( for normal customers) 1490 ( for students)


7 thoughts on “Mobitel reduced its Broadband tariffs

  1. mobitel broadband connections should get cheaper. as the national mobile sevice provider they should. braodband should be cheaper in developing country.

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