Mental condition checkup for Muthuhettigama

783010299nisantha_muthuhettiNishantha Muthuhettigama, United People’s Freedom Alliance Southern Provincial Council candidate, was further remanded until September 28 on a number of charges, including unlawful assembly and damaging of property.

The Magistrate ordered for a medical report on the suspect’s mental condition. Granting permission, court ordered Nishantha Muthuhettigama to be produced before a psychiatrist through the prisons medical officer. Mutuhettigama was detained by the Police on Saturday(2009/9/19) for allegedly on charges of unlawful assembly and leading a procession of his supporters in the Galle town but was later released.

A special CID team left for Galle to investigate certain statements said to have been made by him about the Police Department. He charged that Police personnel were corrupt and took bribes. He also said that several presidential security personnel arrived in many jeeps at his Udugama residence and harassed him

Muthuhettigama failed to appear in the Galle Magistrate Court on Friday in a case involving another UPFA candidate, Anarkali Akarsha. And the court issued a warrant on him. When he appeared in Court on Friday afternoon he was ordered to be locked up in the Court cell until the motion he filed through his lawyers was taken up.



When his motion was taken up, the Magistrate who severely reprimanded him for not appearing in Court on time enlarged him on Rs 200,000 personal bail and warned him not to interfere with candidates of his party or of any other party. It was subsequent to this Court order, that Muthuhettigama assembled his supporters and went in procession in the Galle town levelling charges against the Police.


4 thoughts on “Mental condition checkup for Muthuhettigama

  1. Most of the politicians need to have a mental condition check up.
    You must watch/listen to a debate in the parliment.
    They keep expressing their stupidity.

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