A Year Old Pregnant Baby Girl

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foetuschild682883571a57Shocking event for Chinese medicine, which found that only a year a girl is pregnant. Mengru Kang was taken to hospital after unexplained stomach was swollen much.After ultrasound, the doctors found amazed that the girl has a baby in the womb, the child’s twin brother.Doctors say that the embryo was not caught in the womb and has found another place to grow.

Little will undergo a Cesarean delivery will suffer.This unusual phenomenon, very rarely is numneste “fetus in fetus” and can be met once every 500,000 pregnancies.  Little Kang Mengru, from China, left medics baffled after her belly became enlarged. Doctors carried out a CT scan to discover the cause of the growth and found a foetus inside her. They believe the tot is her parasitic twin. She is now waiting for an operation to have the tiny baby removed

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16 thoughts on “A Year Old Pregnant Baby Girl

  1. Danuka this is very unusual… What would they do with
    the child? Is it a disease or what?
    It seems that the child is suffering for what she carries . …

  2. Oh okay.. I was really worried if the fetus inside is alive but I am more concern with the child’s situation cos its not a normal case and I am sure the child cant handle it… Its a big problem for her… She cant live the way others can.

  3. Alot of strange things is happing all over the world.
    I believe the world is coming to an end cos the bible says when the world is coming to an end their will be alot of stange things I believe this is one of the stange things the bible is taking about fetus in fetus.

  4. This is too much and I haven`t heard this tribulation In my life and I believer world has been coming to end cus this is strange to my ear

  5. It is a big surprise 2 see a year old baby pregnant all i belive is God in is doing will see her through she can’t die cos God who made her pregnant knows how 2 deliver her let d world pray 4 her

  6. She’s not pregnant pregnant, the mass inside her is dead. A baby cannot carry a baby. It is impossible, therefore this baby inside this baby cannot be alive. It is pretty much the birth of twins….gone very awry. Its pretty much a Mohler pregnancy, which is not really pregnancy at all but a mass, whether parascitic or not. I had the same thing. I was not pregnant but it was a mass that made my belly measure as if I was 7 months pregnant. It was cancer, but this girl’s is her twin whom didn’t make it out alive.

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