FaceBook chat getting crummy


Facebook one of the largest social chat and friend network has over a million members worldwide. It helps people to connect and share their moments in life with them. And also facebook chat is another Main application that is embedded in the site that enables the users to chat online through the site (only for registered members). It is true that over a million members over the world connect to this application to chat at a given time. That was a main reason that it got so popular.

But they say every coin has two sides. Just like that over the month or two the chat application of the facebook has given the users a one hell of a time. Uses claim that it is not like those days that you can chat with the site. It always get flooded and get crash when online. These are true testimonials of highly addicted users of facebook. So it is high time that the administrators should look in to this and give the users a relief since still the fans are with facebook . Let’s hope that it doesn’t end up just like a another chat site that just pop up and vanished

by Suhitha Karunanayaka


15 thoughts on “FaceBook chat getting crummy

  1. i also agreed with sushitha because facebook is a one of the largest social chat and friend network so it’s addicted with all the people around the world so the administrators should concern and should take action for this.

  2. Yea it happens all the time now. Exceptions are not handled well by facebook although they are likely to cover it up. Maybe because they are implementing a new database system.

  3. i totally agree with this. Facebook has become over popular now,but it should maintain its facilities given to the users.otherwise it will end up just like other chatting sites..

  4. Facebook chat is only an additional application.It’s ok to improve on the chat application,but FB is not all abt chatting. It should find new ways to maintain their no 1 spot in social networking.It’s too early to predict but i feel the trend on FB will fade away within nxt 3-4 years.

  5. yes everyone it’s getting worse and worse ever before… FB is the world’s largest social network, so they really should maintain their Quality. hope this will fix by them soon.. and Thank you Suhitha for highlight this Tantalizing problem for FB lovers..

  6. Hey,
    I have been using facebook chat for a long time. I initially thought that it was because of a browser problem, but then i tried with a different browsers but still had da sme prob….so definitely its smething wrng wit facebook……..TOTALLY AGREED

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