Vidyartha College Facebook virus may damage your profile

uylxpf45qs423tahnbaefy45_facebook-logo-60_125The latest virus that has created havoc on the internet is Vidyartha College FaceBook virus. Though exact damage it caused is still to emerge, thousands have already been affected by the virus. It is second major virus that has come to the fore on the Face book. Earlier this month Facebook Fan Check virus was spotted on this largest social networking site.

Vidyartha College is among top educational institutions in Sri Lanka. A report about the latest virus attack says, “At the moment FaceBook “officials” haven’t said a word about the virus or if it’s indeed a virus or if we’re talking about nothing more than a bug. A very annoying bug that everybody hopes it will go away soon.

Reports say that this has happened in the past, but now the virus is not appearing on all FaceBook accounts, it spreads between friends therefore you should be careful on what you click, and on what applications you allow”

What is this?

Many people using Facebook are wondering how their alma mater’s name has changed into Vidyartha College. Vidyartha College is a small college in Sri Lanka, but it has become among the most searched items on the internet.

this is a pretty harmless ‘virus’ has reportedly affected thousands of Facebook accounts. however its better to recheck your school name in your Fackbook profile.

This can be an opportunity to highlight the college name “Vidyartha” but not in a good way. But Vidyartha virus or bug might be a act of a ill hearted party who wishe to tarnish the image of the college which should be promptly investigate.


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