Government misled public by “Historic Announcement” SMS?

sms_received” Tune in to any local TV channel this evening at 8.05pm and watch as Sri Lanka makes history. A message from the Govt. of Sri Lanka” SMS enabled users (mobile or fixed line) of Sri Lanka got this message on yesterday (2009/9/30). Got any important or historic announcement? Nothing, just an advertisement of Uthuru Mithuru program.

The Information Department today said that the department did not issue a letter of approval over the SMS alerts by government agency alerting a “historic announcement” which created a great deal of hype among the public.

“We would hold an inquiry and inform that such a thing should not occur unless sanctioned by the Director of Information Department”, cabinet spokesman Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said. The announcement was in connection with the launch of the “Uthuru Mithuru” programme and the launch of the fund raising campaign for the “Yal Devi” Colombo-Jaffna railway line but the SMS alert created much speculation about the impending announcement.

Who was sent that message? what’s the authority of sending SMS by mentioning  ” the Govt. of Sri Lanka”? how can we trust the message from the Govt. of Sri Lanka, if no one to take the responsibility of  it?


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