UPFA wins the Southern Provincial Council

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speThe UPFA government led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa has won the Southern Provincial Council elections by getting 804,071 votes and securing 38 seats in the final overall results of the polls. The UNP came second with 297,180 votes, securing 14 seats in the Council and the JVP third with 72,379 votes, securing just 3 seats.

UPFA expected 80% votes, but finished with 67.88%. This is almost 2/3 majority from the total number of votes. UNP obtained 25.09%  votes and 6.11% JVP.  By Considering these facts and the previous results of presidential election 2005,  President Mahinda Rajapakshe can easily win the upcoming presidential election by more than 68% from votes. We can assume somethnig around 70% votes for Mahinda Rajapakshe.  but this is not expected from a General election. UPFA can easily win but they can obtain around 60% votes. Whats the different between the achievable votes from  presidential and General election.

As a person or entity, Mahinda Rajapakshe is the only choice for the people because of the War Victory. That’s the reason behind the predicted 70% votes. But in a general election, Popularity of the Contestant ( either UPFA or UNP), vote base for the party and other facts are considering when voting. that’s why we are predicting the current governing party or UPFA can’t obtain a 2/3 majority from a upcoming  General election.


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