Challenges in Sri Lanka Tourism

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111Sri Lanka (The Miracle) is an island to be explored! Discover its uniqueness & enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Tourist’s trend is concern nearly 81 % of the tourists’ the main purpose of visit was holiday, while around 13 % came for business purposes. The first choices of the holiday visitors were Sun & Beach (59 %) and Historic Sites (11 %).The average expenditure of those respondents who had taken a package tour was US$ 974 while average expenditure of non package tour was US$ 906.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is committed to developing current & potential new markets. Investors various attractive & feasible trade support schemes & business opportunities. Currently, a strategic infrastructure & product planning & development plan has been implemented for the Tourism industry. This strategic plan is based on market demand for high & mid-end markets. The plan hopes to gain profitability through better yields, sustain the integrity & value of Sri Lanka’s natural, cultural & human resources, & ensure optimum visitor experiences

Tourism is a fast-growing industry, but effect of PEST tourism have dropped as people have less money to spend and companies are unable to expand as rapidly. There are a number of issues that tourism businesses need to overcome. increasing  oil prices result in the airline industry imposing further fuel charges to cover high costs, which are unfortunately passed on to the consumer, through increased air ticket prices. Hence, consumers are forced to reconsider traveling during peak seasons & for leisure purposes, due to the high costs. Global economic crisis is illustrated in the drastic drop of prices in key luxury hotels & the significant reduction of country arrivals in key locations throughout the world.

Improve Tourism Infrastructure

Tourist Development authority introduced the concept of Tourism Zones. Due to the Peace in North & East process to fast track the development of Passikudah, Arugambay, Trincomalee, Nilaveli, Waakarai, Verugal & Kalkudah.

New Product Development & Market Diversification

The traditional product life cycle theory indicates that typically a product will have a s-curve with stages of growth, maturity, saturation & decline in sales & profits. This theoretical model seems to hold true also for tourist products, which means that the question of product development & new- product, innovations, Business Process Re-engineering, Investment is important in tourism companies. Recent strategic plan indicate that City hotels has become the cheapest in the region. And ,undercutting has stop therefore all five star hotels room should sold US$75 , Four star US$60,Three Star US$35 and keep the unit standardization.

Foreign Funded Tourism Projects

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority encourages private sector & foreign investors to invest in the varied Tourism Facility Development mass tourist projects, Tourism zone, Domestic tourism project &  Sustainable Tourism Development Project  to improve & extend the product content & supply chains that are aligned with sustainable tourism with much effectively

Training & Development, Participation World Travel Exhibitions

Marketing & Communications, Services & Hospitality, Training & Development,  Domestic Tourism, & loan term Plan have been defined within Global event from the Travel Industry  with Destination Management System . This mainly Web Based System to implement an effective & innovative hotel reservation & destination management process for Sri Lanka Tourism according to their requirements


“Challenges in Sri Lanka Tourism”


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3 thoughts on “Challenges in Sri Lanka Tourism

  1. Besides lack of information on Sri Lanka overseas, I feel that Sri Lanka is not a Children friendly place to visit.

    The roads are narrow, and there are no infrastructure for Highways, and a 150km Trip to Kandy can take 5 hours++.

    Hotels and tourism industry should use Social Media more to promote the attractions, and somehow try to revive attractions and kept things maintained and updated.

    I visited Galle, and it was a sad and unmaintained place, sort of like “post war” condition. Many of the other Historic Sites and Beaches are dirty and not maintained, even when they charge foreigners 50 times that of the locals!

    The “Luxury” beach resorts and hotels that are 5 star have good services but they all lack things and activities at night as the city or villages close down pretty early.

    Flight to Sri Lanka is very expensive, as I can fly from Singapore to Japan, China for the same price. From the US, there are also no direct flights.

    Colombo is also 1 hour++ to the airport and the checkpoints and slow traffic does not help either.

  2. I would have to agree with ‘Robin Low’ that Sri Lanka does not have many tourists due to the lack of information. There is no advertisements on T.V, radio or (quiet sadly) even the internet in New Zealand that could promote Sri Lanka’ tourism industry. It is obvious that due to the recession both tourist and the destination would be cutting back on luxuries, costs and spending.

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