I will not abolish the Executive Presidency, General Fonseka

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2096Sarath_Fonseka_1JGeneral Sarath Fonseka is yet to announce whether he will contest as a Presidential Candidate at the next election, a gridlock has emerged. Reliable sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said Fonseka has categorically stated that he will not abolish the Executive Presidency. Abolishing Executive Presidency is a vital component of the campaign spearheaded by the United National Alliance.

He has vowed as a first step, in the event he wins a presidential election, to give teeth with immediate effect to the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption. Fonseka compared his approach to political challenges to how he dealt with corruption and inefficiency in the Sri Lanka Army. “I will begin at the top,” he has told confidantes.

Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe denied that Fonseka, if indeed he consents to running as the Common Candidate, would insist on continuing the Executive Presidency. Wickremesinghe said that the chosen candidate, if elected, would be compelled to implement the pledges of the United National Alliance.  from sundayleader


7 thoughts on “I will not abolish the Executive Presidency, General Fonseka

  1. Political is the game of wining the minds of people.even you also can be future president id you wining the mind of people.what i believed is President Mahinda rajapaksha was the tratical and stratgic leader and Major Sarat fonseka was the situation leader.In the present situation is concern was was over, over strategic was the develop the coutry in massive contribution to NDP. what i recommend was general sarath fonseka should not come to politic under UNP government. bez he has great honer from srilnka people even me.
    hope he will take right decision and also believe he also waiting major develop in Srilnka economic like highways, cultivation, electricity and industrial project,intrafacture facilities ect.

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