Army defused the Obstruction to General Fonseka at Kelaniya

Bookmark Army defused the Obstruction to General Fonseka at Kelaniya

sarathChief of Defence Staff (CDS) Sarath Fonseka, who led the war against the LTTE as Army Chief, on Thursday afternoon sent his resignation letter to President Mahinda Rajapaksa possibly to join politics. then General Fonseka payed a visit to the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya after he tendered his resignation.

A group of people had blocked the gate of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Temple when Chief of Defence Staff General Sarath Fonseka was about to leave. However, Gen Fonseka has mediated and defused the situation.

As per the times online that Persons reported to be supporters of Minister Mervyn de Silva. Some 200 supporters gathered outside the temple, but were later driven away by the security of the General. The group had jeered outside the temple saying they will not betray the country to foreign powers. Incidentally it was Minister Mervyn de Silva who put up cutouts of General Fonseka soon after the miltiary victory against the LTTE in May this year


5 thoughts on “Army defused the Obstruction to General Fonseka at Kelaniya

  1. watevere said and done wat happend was not good!!!! though hes not doing the right thing its not our buisness. we cant forget that we are here because of this guy nothing will change dat

  2. Sri Lanka Army Comander General Sarath Fonseka ,A Great Military Leader, but what was happen is not good to the government. people in srilanka know the effort of him.

  3. We need no photos as evidence, because we know who did it. I stand corrected, but isnt it this lot who had large cut outs of General Fonseka, praising him for his efforts in winning the war in Sri Lanka? How soon Sri Lankans forget. It is really a shame. We are today travelling in peace, living in peace, because of the great leadership given by the General to his troops. Do you think that any of these stooges would have done what our boys did out there? A definite NO! Do you think any of them would sacrifice their lives for our Motherland, just as our boys in the three armed forces, did out there? a Definite and Definite NO NO NO!!! Then why do they jeer the General? A man of high calibre in the Sri Lanka Army. A man who led our boys fearlessly and gallantly. I am indeed very sad at these events. General Fonseka, we are with you Sir. Thank you for winning the war for us.

  4. Is this how we should extend our gratitude to a person who gave us a peaceful life.General Fonseka has done his job excellently as a good son of Mother Sri Lanka, because of his leadership today we have a peaceful life style.Now he is a civil person, and he can do whatever he want as he is also having democratic rights in this democratic country, why the public has become this much panic, let him live freely without disturbing him to take his decisions on his future.

    I really appreciate General Fonseka during his period of military service.

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