Who Obstructed Gen. Fonseka At Kelaniya Yesterday? Revelation

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mervin300_EN - Copy“A group of people had blocked the gate of the Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Temple when Chief of Defence Staff General Sarath Fonseka was about to leave. However, Gen Fonseka has mediated and defused the situation” this is what we have reported in last day.

Despite other media reporting this incident as a group of people obstructing Gen. Fonseka ‘Lankatruth’ clearly indicated that it was a group of ‘government thugs’ who carried out the hooliganism was instructed by Minister of Labour Mervin Silva. this is what they proving from photographs

Obstructing the Gen. Fonseka’s way


The thugs who were involved in the attack against students of Kelaniya University on 11th June


From lankatruth


11 thoughts on “Who Obstructed Gen. Fonseka At Kelaniya Yesterday? Revelation

  1. I’m in no position to object the truth of LT claims niether I’m a boot licker of Rajapasha or Fonseka. But given the fact that Mervyn is the organizer for Kalaniya and this Man shown on the picture could be a close ally to Mervyn who also lives in Kalaniya, does not mean the government was sponsored these thugs. Lanka Truth is usually known to twist the actual truth as the JVP propaganda tactics against the government.

  2. @ government not supporting to thugs. if not agreeing to that its k. this is a supporter of marvin silva. marvin supporting to government (as a minister) . we all know about mervin. well known for this type of things. can he do these things when he in opposition? No. but government not punishing them. coz of what? coz he is a supporter of government.

  3. Mervin Silva is a donkey. I agree with you. But Mervin Silva is not the government. He’s a just a minister and this occurred in his electorate. The participants of this thuggery incident are henchman’s of Mervin Silva but not the government. There’s a vast difference between the Government thugs and Ministers thugs. Also one must understand that if Gen Fonseka decides to enter into politics, he will be no more the beloved hero for a large group of people in Sri Lanka. He must be prepared to face all the goon acts from the opposition like this. Welcome to the ugly world of politics Gen Fonseka.

  4. @ Chamal – but his behavior crediting to the government’s account. coz president or the government not taking a appropriate action against him. coz of what? we know it. i dont know what happen to gen. in future. but one thing. he has to face too many wars to win !

  5. Oh you are damn right. Gen Fonseka will soon realize that beating the LTTE was 100 times easier than running for the Presidency in Sri Lanka.If he decides to represent UNF he will surely make more enemy’s than friends. I still can’t figure out , why such a strong personality would want to align with the same people who made a mockery of him during the war?? Lets just hope that may not happen for his sake.

  6. Agree with dzone, if the government is against the thugery of mervin they should punish him,ideally should be striped out of his post and the party..

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