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Es Bee’s warning

Es Bee met his party leader to discuss the Elephant Party’s plan to field a common candidate. “Don’t get caught to an SLFP rebel who doesn’t have public support,” he said referring to Wedding Sam. “If you can’t face the election as the leader, I could pilot the party to victory,” Es Bee said

Election phobia

Ra-Blue sent an SOS and summoned his confidants. “It seems that our alliance plan is going haywire. You have to find a way to stop any other person coming forward as the common candidate. Even die-hard party supporters can think that I have an election phobia and I’m scared to contest,” Ra-Blue told them.

Friends Become Foes

With Fonny falling out with old friends and entering the ring things have become curioser. Likewise, a little bird whispers that Nandana Vindana of former Jay Wee Pee fame now handling the touristas has warned Wee Mal that his dealings with the business types and the underhand deals done would be exposed if he utters one word against him. Oh dear… more will follow… more will follow

Sweet Vengeance!

And so the battle lines are clearly drawn.  Last week a simple opening of a school for the kiddos of the military kind with special needs drew fire.  All because of a little plaque that carried the names of a war hero now called a traitor of traitors for daring to join the opposing side and make a bid for the rajuruwa’s seat.  And there was the first lady all powdered and perfumed ready to set sail to do the honours but she was told – no way – by dear hubby boy.  She frothed and fumed but – as the old adage goes – for better or for worse eh?

Political somersault?

Is Wedding Sam taking the Elephant Party from pillar to post? While Sam is day-dreaming to get the Retired General as their common candidate for the Prez election, Es Bee is planning to return to the Hand Party if that materialises. “I will not tolerate that. How can an outsider invade our party? If our leader wants a General, I might as well go back to my old home,” Es Bee had told a fellow Em Pee from his reformist group.

Tit For Tat

But the slight did not go un-noticed.  And the better half of dear ole fonny was also in a right royal rage.  Enraged that she and her hero of hero’s was being given the dirty by the ruling classes she penned her resignation pronto from the school that is senehasa and all things charity and whatnot the good lady was in charge off as the wife of the military chief.  Hmmm… hell certainly hath no fury like a woman scorned what?

Election agendas

The Elephants and Bell Boys are engaged in a duel to woo the Retired General. Wedding Sam is keen that the General should be the common candidate. Ra-Blue has other ideas – to use the General’s name and later drop him and face his third successive Prez election. The Bell Boys want a common platform and have a so-called independent person.

Crest Fallen

And so while all of us paradisians were all agog with the battle of the two giants in a scuffle for the seat of all seats a mihin lanka flight made an emergency landing this week in Mumbai after decompression.  No small wonder given the multi billion rupee smackers gone asunder in order to fly those bally planes that are little better than those of the paper kind.  Hmph!

Western hands

Wedding Sam, along with Mah-Know Gun and Ha-Cream were seen doing deep-low-matic rounds. It seems that the trio is operating with the blessings of a few Western hands. They continue to patronise key deep-low-matic functions. Who needs a common candidate after all?

What Gall

Local and foreign invitees who attended the sit down dinner hosted by the Jap-Lanka business kind at the Hil-t-o-n were in for a surprise just as they were about to down the third course. Suddenly, it was like watching a ‘b’ movie…. A group of about 15-20 people barged into the ballroom all in total ignorance of the dress code. It was none other than that Tiger of yore, dear ole karuna together with not just a retinue of the muscled kind but his girlfriend too in tow…. she…, displaying more than a comely peek of bare skin and all.  The japs turned all red while some of the governing angels could only look asunder pretending to shovel morsels of food into their mouths – while others simply sat and grinned at the spectacle.  Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

Wait And See Boys!

And the aliyas are keeping it all close to their chest. At least the head of the herd is.  Cause none of the others have a clue who is gonna lead the team come the hustings.  And Ra-kneel will say naught – other than a “wait and see.”  Or dear! and so… we hear that thoroughly cheesed off, some of the stalwarts refused to attend the working committee that met last week grumbling “what for?” nothing decided there is ever implemented.  Hmmm…. Well it was the bally greens who introduced this darn system of power to one and one only eh? Old habits do die hard!


One thought on “Political Gossips of Last Week

  1. [1:47:47 PM] Philipxx: *Msg from SF’s daughter – Let all ur friends know.. We are stuck here. Can’t get out. Gajaba unit as been surrounded us. We need the people to know.. Also the sirasa has been surrounded too so they can’t say anything. Plz now is the time we need all the people…
    breaking news! Gajaba regiment of the SL army has surrounded the hotel Gen. Sarath Fonseka and the other oppsition leaders are in.
    *They are not allowing any of the media personels to come in as well. the election commisioner is under house arrest and The election results are being cheated by giving an extra 50% on the …votes plz forward or sms this msg and let everyone know abt this pathetic sit.[1:50:30 PM] shehan perera: Story that is coming through from various sources, is that Elections was rigged and that Basil Rajapakse was running the elections with Election Commissioner not allowed to do anything. Ranil and Sarath under house arrest at Cinnamon Lakeside (TA). Please spread the news via fb and twitter because mainstream media is also probably restrained

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