Sarath Fonseka from Lalith Front ?

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General Sarath Fonseka is likely to contest the next Presidential Election, on the Lalith Front by using the eagle as the symbol. Sources said the Lalith Front, though a registered party, had not contested elections for a long time and was willing to provide Fonseka with a forum to contest the presidency. “There will be no problem in changing the party’s name or symbol,” they said.

However The joint Opposition, which is backing Fonseka as the ‘Common Candidate’, was exploring the possibility of using the ‘Rising Sun’ as its symbol, which belongs to the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF). Discussions were held with TULF leader V. Anandasangaree on his party giving up its symbol, but there had been no positive response so far, sources said.

Meanwhile Fonseka has told the UNP National Organiser S. B. Dissanayake, who met him on Tuesday, that he welcomed Dissanayake’s support, but expected the UNP as a whole to help him re-establish democracy in the country. Asked what the TNA’s stand on backing Fonseka was, UNF sources said that their stand would depend on a public declaration of his solution to the problems confronting the Tamil community. from island


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