No operations to nab underworld gangs until the end of Presidential poll

Bookmark No operations to nab underworld gangs until the end of Presidential poll

Due to the prevailing political climate and the country heading towards a Presidential poll in two months, orders have been given out to the Police department to halt forthwith all operations to nab underworld kingpins and gangs, as per the lakbima news. After the war in the North and East concluded last May, the government launched an operation to eradicate the thriving underworld, and as a result over 100 underworld figures including many criminal gang leaders were killed. But some underworld leaders escaped and fled abroad.

According to Police sources, the decision with regard to halting operations tracking down underworld leaders and gangs had been taken by the Police top-brass, following pressure brought on them by politicians providing a safe haven for these criminals.

It is also said that most of the underworld leaders who had left the country due to the intense operations carried out by the Police have begun to return home —- since underworld elimination operations had been stopped for the time being. Political sources revealed that Kudu Lal who escaped abroad is due in Sri Lanka next week

A senior Police spokesman who spoke on condition of anonymity also said that as a result of the halt order on going after underworld figures, all subsequent operations launched to apprehend people engaged illegal distillery activities etc., in areas such as Ja-Ela, Seeduwa, Kandana, Negombo, and Dankotuwa too have come to a standstill. In addition, raiding of cannabis plantations in Thanamalwila and Ambilipitiya has also come to a standstill.


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