“Gota Ordered Them To Be Shot” Reported, i didn’t say like that, Sarath Fonseka

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Common opposition candidate General Sarath Fonseka says Defense Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa instructed a key ground commander in the north that all LTTE leaders must be killed and not allowed to surrender as per The Sunday Leader. In an explosive interview with The Sunday Leader General Fonseka the then Army Commander said he had no information communicated to him in the final days of the war that three key LTTE leaders had opted to surrender to Sri Lanka’s armed forces as the battle drew to a bloody finish.

However by Addressing a hurriedly summoned press conference, General Fonseka said that the state is hurling cooked up allegations against him by misinterpreting a media statement made by him. Sarath Fonseka said that he did not state that Defence Secretary ordered to kill the LTTE leaders who surrendered at the final operation of the war.

The Army has never involved itself in war violations and has acted according to international norms. As the then Sri Lanka Army Commander, he takes full responsibility to all actions from top to bottom of the army, said General (retired) Sarath Fonseka addressing a news briefing last afternoon (Dec. 13).


40 thoughts on ““Gota Ordered Them To Be Shot” Reported, i didn’t say like that, Sarath Fonseka

  1. Dzone.. are you licking Fonseka’s ass. where the repot on first story which was published on the Sunday leader. Fonseka Betrayed the Army and insulted Sri Lanka and our great war victory. Fonseka will burn in hell.

    1. read well and understand.
      may be you are a person with lack of understanding.
      if so ask someone before you comment.
      if a press made a mistake SF gave them a chance to correct.
      not like gota goes to courts and murder Mr.Lasantha.
      That is the most sad part with many Sri Lankans like you.(thinking from your ass)

    2. @ Sira and the SF goons: Correction???.. what correction?? This news was published by UNP media Sunday Leader. Now SF can say what ever but the damage has been done. Come on dude .. wake from your fantasy mindset. This is the real Fonseka. Manipulative . egoistic , opportunistic little man with big ambitions. Now we all know the field commanders and Gota was steering the victory while Fonseka was holidaying in China to cut his commission from son-in-laws arms deals. This guy Fonseka cant even speak 10 strait words without contradicting him self. Guy has no idea about what he’s doing or what he’s talking about. He is like the mad man who escaped the mental hospital. No wonder one UK psychiatric quoted that his current behavior is , he’s suffering from post dramatic disorder after fighting the war. “Any Donkey can become the Army Commander but not any donkey cant become the President.

      After betraying the Army/ his own field commanders and tarnished the image of Sri Lanka, I hope this fool Fonseka will correct these with his usual bailaaa..



      Burn in hell Fonseka.

      1. @Jagath-

        i see your problem(please read my previous comment)

        1. If Sunday Leader is UNP media(as you said) they will never publish such a statement. You say it’s a UNP media because UNP members were there to speak for them when Mahinda’s people attack them.

        2. Not only the big people have big ambitions. People like you, me and every other little one has their own different ambitions. Not only the big once achieve their goals(KOKATA WAGEMA THITHTHAYATATH CHANCE EKAK THIYANAWA)

        3. As in any organization the defense secretary does the administration part and he doesn’t involve in operations. There are specialized officers to carry out the job.(Have you ever heard about ADDITIONAL posts **Additional director, Additional general or VICE president posts*** they are paid to carry out the job when the Director, President etc is not there) the senior person will never come and do the junior’s work.

        4. As you say SF is not a good speaker. But he doesn’t use a teleprompter like MR to do things that he really can’t do.(can MR speak Tamil?) it’s ok to use the technology, but not good to mislead or to cheat to people.

        5. Any Donkey cannot be an army commander. Because there are rock solid regulations in an organization like ARMY, NAVY or AF(May be you don’t know so ask someone who knows). But a Donkey like MR can use his executive powers to make one of his own kind(Donkey) or once an enemy as a Commander, Minister, Consultant or the Defense secretary. Eg- Mervin, Basil, Gota, Karuna, Pilleyan and others who fits here.(up to you to decide the donkey’s based on their current and past behaviors)


        I think my points are clear. If not please fell free to comment on this.

    3. @sira and SF goons:
      looking at your points.. I only have to say one thing.I shall not waste my time with half grown brains like your self. Here’s a little advise.. I haven’t found a single intelligent person who would vote for Fonseka. Please leave the political talk to grown up adults.

      By the way..
      Obama always use a teleprompter so that makes him a bad politician..LOL Can fonseka talk at least by looking at a piece of paper.. NOOOOOOO.. he’s that stupid. Yes Sunday Leader is a UNP media.. have you born yesterday or are you completely stupid???? Very soon all media will turn against this idiot Fonseka who have betrayed our country and also made millions of dollars selling arms. Finally.. yes any donkey can become an Army Commander.. look at Fonseka. LMAO

      1. @Jagath –

        If you are a very intelligent person (with full brain) why don’t you see the corruption’s going in the country?
        If you are a Sri Lankan of live in Sri Lanka you can ask your mother, father or any other person goes to the market about prices of vegetables(as an example).
        So Mr.Intelligent don’t you see the point.
        MR spend a lot of money for his campaign, to maintain more than 108 ministers/deputies, to give a luxury facilities for all Rajapakshas while the people of this country having a very hard time.

        Everyone can see how grown your brain is. Because you decide human intelligent based on the support to MR.
        Small peace of advice. Don’t follow what ever the media that much. Talk to people in various fields(Gvt, Pvt or any other) and do the analysis by your self. Then you will realize the true.
        If you are a Real Sri Lankan i think you also supports the next war “Corruption”.
        If you have learned Management or business ethics and values, there is a term called “whistle blowing”. I think SF did it and he will.

        If you say that “Any Donkey can become an Army commander” why don’t you go and be the next Army commander? I am sure the king of Donkey’s will let you, only if you support his corruption(you also will get some). I assume you don’t know anything about Armed Forces regulations.
        As i always say think by using your brain.

      2. Sira,
        The GoSL has to have high number os ministries because people like you and the monkeys like Sarath Fonseka always try to divide the Sinhalese vote. Any government which comes to power has to seek support from the minority parties, which also has to compensate them with ministerial posts. So obviously the ministerial posts has to be created to make the minority parties happy. This situation will never arise if the Sinhalese are united and give the majority to one party.Frogs like Fonseka knows he can never win.. but his only ambition is to divide the Sinhalese so the minority parties (Tamil) can share the ministerial posts. You wait and see how many ministerial posts there will be to make all the alliance parties happy if Fonseka wins ( of cause which will never happen, fortunately for Sri Lanka).

      3. @ shehani – GOSL told during the war, reason for having more ministers to survive the government and to support the army. for a minute, lets think its correct. then whats the reason behind appointing minister after the war. understand the truth?

        As per you patriot are in MR’s side. thugs like mervin silva anf kudu lal in that category. but Sarath fonseka is “Ponseka” ha???? not a patriot??? not a hero??? nice joke… 10% basil is a hero… SB dissanayaka is a hero ( now onwards 😀 ).

        come on talk about politics without “MADA”. whats the reason behind going for a presidential election before 2 years? give me a answer with a logic??? asking the presidency again for develop the country??? why can’t he get the initial step within next two year??? why can’t he correct his error in that 2 year??? truth is “Gu Baya”…

      4. @ shehani

        So do you agree with high number of Ministers. So you say it is ok to have such a numbers of ministers. Also you said that MR gave them the ministry’s to impress them. how about that.
        What MR give to the people of Sri Lanka to impress them?????
        High living expenses ?
        Tax + Tax + Tax

        You need to understand that you are paying for that(you pay MR to impress his supporters or ministers)
        Do you think that is development….

        I understand your’s and Jagath’s brain status.
        Don’t follow media that much…
        As i always say use your brain to think.

      5. @ Shehani – sorry i forgot

        I have this much time to spend using internet because of your MR’s Stupid idea’s.
        I work in one of the Ministry Which have no specific work(I cant be specific due to my safety) it’s not that we don’t work! We don’t have work. Do you think that is fair? I don’t think even i am a benefited party. I get paid well to do nothing because MR wants to impress our minister.
        Think people. Think!

      6. @Dayani AND Sira.. read what shehani wrote properly without barking like stupid dogs.. … “””Any government which comes to power has to seek support from the minority parties, which also has to compensate them with ministerial posts. So obviously the ministerial posts has to be created to make the minority parties happy. This situation will never arise if the Sinhalese are united and give the majority to one party.”””

        It aint matter which government.. This will be the scenario in Sri Lanka forever.. The system was created by JR. blame him. But no Fonseka can stop this. If Fonseka gets elected here’s the breakdown…

        Mano Ganeshan gets 10 ministries.
        UNP gets 50 ministries.
        JVP gets another 10
        Rauf Hakeem gets 5
        Other minority parties gets 10.


        As long as the sinhalese are divided always there will ministers over 100.

        JRJ had 60 ministers,
        Premadasa had 190 ministers,
        Chandrika had 110 Ministers,

        Wake up from you fantasy dreamz and look at the reality . Silly people..

      7. @Jagath –
        First no one can bark online (May be you can, but no one else can)
        President Premadasa never had 190 ministers(You cannot count MPs as ministers because they are just Member of Parliament not Ministers).
        MR has the largest number of Minister ever recorded. Read the latest….
        That is what Gen.SF says that this should be stop. You suckers not only blind in this problem, you approve it too. Do you accept paying tax to impress Mahinda’s supporters? May be you suckers can but as a Sri Lankan and and a tax payer I cant.
        I haven’t used my vote once even I got the voting power 10 years back. But this time I definitely will use it for SF. Because I really hate the current system and I believe most of the Sri Lankans do.

        * First you try talk about SF’s weaknesses and you fail
        * Then you say SF supporters are not intelligent
        * Now you said this is what everyone did and SF will do. If you wait for some time and have a look few months later you will realize the things can be changed. I personally don’t vote for UNP, JVP or any other party. I vote for the Person for his personality. WE NEED A CHANGE.
        Because we are not “Dena dee kala Wena dee balagena inna ballo” like you.

      8. @ Jagath-
        None waste your time here. You put your comments and i did mine.
        So at last when you doesn’t have anything to say it’s better to be quiet.

        I never tell anyone to vote MR or SF or any other. Human does have a very powerfully brain. I think you do too(may be it’s not that powerful). But you can think to some level.
        SO PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE OR DO ANY OTHER THING.(Paninna pera sitha balanu)

    1. This is the actual betrayal by Fonseka ..

      “Later, I learnt that Basil had conveyed this information to the Defense Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa – who in turn spoke with Brigadier Shavendra Silva, Commander of the Army’s 58th Division, giving orders not to accommodate any LTTE leaders attempting surrender and that “they must all be killed.”

      1. apiSL, We don’t know whether if it’s true or not. But the bottom line is now we know that Fonseka will even sell his mother for more power. Pathetic.

      2. @ Shehani

        If the statement is not true why you people pointing that again and again.
        because SF state that he didn’t say something like that and that is something he heard from media.
        but people like you who look for MADA SF TA PADAYAK GIYATH ATHI!

        Chandrika ratata kelewwa mathakada. When she was doing that she control the media.People thought she is a good leader. But everyone know that she is the queen of corruption. When MR go home you will realize his dirty works. Because he have the power to hide it. Can you tell me a single corruption where SF is involved in(Don’t tell the bullet story and his son in low. Because everyone knows it is a lie since all purchase were done by gota . Not by SF).

      3. Oh my god.. how narrow minded you Fonseka supporters are.. I’m glad the majority of DSri Lankans dont think like you people. If you know how to read please read this full article.. you will realize the damage which Fonseka had already caused.. http://www.island.lk/2009/12/16/features5.html If you still a Fonseka supporter after reading this article.. buddy all I have to say is buy your self some nice premium grade ‘Punnakku’.

      4. @ Jagath

        Really! Is that you eat normally.
        As you said if i eat Punnakku definitely i will support MR. I think all MR supporters eat Punnakku. I believe this statement is very true.
        You are the one who say that.

        if you can read and understand please read my previous comments. don’t let the Newspaper or any other media do the analysis for you. you do it by using your brain.

        You cannot call anyone as a narrow minded based on the politician that they supports.
        what do you have to say about Former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva..Is he narrow minded..

  2. @Sira,
    Jagath just try to use very important resource they got.”Fonseka Betrayed”.There is nothing to do with people like Jagath.They dont want to recorrect it.Because then they can use that misunderstandin against SF.

    1. true.
      That is what we called Awasthawadiyo.
      can anyone count the statements that Gota and other ministers made to the media’s.
      Eg. Mervin’s statements.
      i saw the posters against the SF’s statement everywhere today asking for an apology from the Sri Lankans.
      I think SF did it.
      He said i didn’t say some thing like that. But the way it is published in the said media gives a wrong idea. so he doesn’t have to apologize, the media should.

      This is to think and comment not to just see and comment like “Jagath”

  3. Ces jeux politiques ne dépendent pas sur les médias.Parce que les médias peuvent créer un patriote dans trahi. Faites confiance à votre propre esprit et entrer en conclusion.

    (DZONE) French> English – These political games are not dependent on médias.Parce the media can create a patriot betrayed. Trust your own mind and come to conclusion.

    1. Sarath Fonseka only knows how to kill people. Last two weeks he had shown no signs of any leadership qualities and he cant even give a average speech in public. He may seem like a good leader for all the Uneducated people in Sri Lanka. However Mahinda’s victory is unstoppable. Stop wasting your time. Join with the winner Mahinda.

      1. Everyone knows who is washing uneducated’s brain with massive advertising. do you think that is for educated or intelligent people. do you think an educated person will use his vote based on a cheap tv advertisement with a star.
        you cannot say that Mahinda is the winner. If anyone can say that it’s useless to have an election.
        If Mahinda and his supporters are sooo sure about winning why they are sooo scared.
        on the other hand MR or any of his supporters doesn’t speak a word about any of the other 19 candidates.Why?
        scared dear scared ……

    2. @ shehani – you came as a supporter of MR and understand the truth. this is the reality in SL now. all are coming to an one choice. thats vote for SF. wel done

    3. Fonseka will have to pack his bags on the 26th of January and leave Sri Lanka. Other wise people will throw rotten eggs at him and his corrupt family. Hero to Zero.. He must be regretting coming to politics already. Poor fellow. :)))

  4. What MR did in this 4 years was filling Rajapakshe family with unaccountable wealth by tax payers money.. Innocent SriLankans who cant afford to eat thrice a day but Rajapakshes are buying huge companies like Appollo, Microcar,Partnership in Bharti Airtel(Basil is getting a thumping amount from Airtel), Leisure world etc…and building mansions in Putlam,Kandy and Kadawatha from the poor people’s tax money..Namal’s mobile bill comes to 1million every month(i know this coz i work for Dialog)..now the war is over,we dont have the securrity expenditure like those days,where is that money?y arent they giving the people that benefit?Vote for SF,Wickramabahu or who eva u want but not for the pawul samagama who is trying to be the richest family in the world by using the poor tax payers money..Pls guys just think for a moment and dont be fooled by this government media..

    1. Fonseka’s Record so far:

      Rs 44 million benz.
      Rs 1.9 billion commission from arms deals.
      Rs. 90 million apartment for Son-in-law in Horton place. Colombo.
      Rs. 140 million house for Daughter in Oaklohoma USA.

      1. @ Kalum –
        why don’t you write about MR’s and other Rajapaksha’s records. Is it there family money.

        Do you or any other have evidence to prove the above facts?

        But the corruption of MR’s is so visible these days if you live in Sri Lanka….

      2. @ shehani –
        I don’t want to post comments using different names. Give me one good reason for that.
        Sira is my name since i start visiting this website. i hope you remember our arguments in “Kavindi’s incident” in this site(If you are the same Shehani)

        May be you don’t know regarding the legal action taken against the said website.
        and the letter doesn’t prove anything.
        i have the same answer for you as i gave to Jagath.
        I am tired writing the same thing again and again.. so please read my previous comments in this page.

        By the way we all see about MR’s Corruption, I feel it because I am a tax payer of this country. Everyone see what’s happening in the Temple tree house these days…
        do you vote for these things.
        If you want to know the corruptions of MR Made a request to ADMIN to start a new topic that everyone can join.
        may be you and everyone will see the corruptions of Rajapaksha corporation with the proofs very soon after SF become the President.
        Till then i doubt about my safety because we don’t have freedom to talk in this country.
        I think you know what happened to the Sunday Leader’s Chief editor (Mr.Lasantha)

      1. @ kev –
        What is the problem that SF had with Lasantha to kill him. Think and make your brain active.
        All Sri Lankans know who had the problem with Lasantha.Just to let you know its Gota, by extension MR.

        Don’t take it because i(or anyone else) just said.
        Think yourself and understand.

  5. Well said Sira…

    I think Jagath is sitting down on his brain.
    So that’s why he can’t understand what you were saying.

  6. People have short memories..just talking and only want to see their view point.. Who ever in this forum and those argue as well as forum owner in the category of cheap politicos. non of them come up with real facts and they try to please them self.

    I would like to see unbiased comments rather mud slinging. will see at least one with a good vision

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