Chandrika Bandaranaike with Sarath Fonseka ?

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Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga said yesterday that she would support any Presidential candidate who was committed to the development of the country, without robbing all and sundry. She was speaking with her son Vimukthi by her side, after donating Rs.2 million to the Cancer Hospital Maharagama for the purchase of medicines.

“I do not wish to be climbing stages to make public speeches, but if the ideal candidate requests my support, it will be provided”, Kumaratunga said “I have the freedom to act the way I think is right, because the present SLFP leadership has kicked me out of the party.”

This donation, she said, was not made by robbing the people, but with her personal funds, realized by selling some land she owned. “I was moved by the plight of the patients, who were suffering without essential medicines.”

There was no use in making “donations with robbed money. Can you get real mental satisfaction by doling out stolen monies to one’s stooges, while the masses are undergoing untold misery, without the basics in life? she queried.


17 thoughts on “Chandrika Bandaranaike with Sarath Fonseka ?

  1. Danuka.. Dude.. we used to love your news blog. I have subscribed to Dzone on my Facebook and few months ago and I even recommended it to all my friends. However lately this has become some biased Fonseka’s ‘horanawa’. It’s ok if you support Fonseka but don’t let this great news blog of yours to become a one sided biased news portal like Lanka-untruth.

  2. @ Jagath – if its a great news for MR’s side, im not hesitate to post it too… this is the session of politics. dzone trying to post attractive news to its viewer.

  3. @ gayan – state media giving 100% coverage for Mr’s campaign without even mentioning the name of SF. thats why we are posting most articles of him. people seeking the news of SF. thats the need of the people. when we found rare news of MR, we will definitely post.

  4. @ ishara – yes. whats the need of an election if others not getting equal opportunities for their campaign. MR using his power in state media. thats why we are here to post the details and news of SF

  5. I must say anothe thing about beliving people..
    @gayan – Do you belive in State media….
    We Must belive thruth…….
    You dont need to belive Mahinda Rajapakshe or Sarath Fonseka..
    Just belive thruth…….

  6. I urge everyone to put the emails from Dzone to spam folder. This Dzone has become a fonseka’s ass licking piece of crap.

  7. Both former Chief Justice Sarath Silva and former President Chandrika Kumaranatunge are courageous personalities who did the right things with courage and refraining from doing the wrong things themselves. They have done things that has set the stage for the country and people to think and act on their own consions. From the type of language some have used in this blog it is very clear what type of people support and admire what type of leaders.
    This is a great Blog and I dont think DZ has deprived anyone from saying any good about President Mahinda Rajapakse who has no doubt given good leadership and I admire him too, but just because someone settles a dispute in your house, can that person takeover your wife and belongings ????

  8. Thanx dzone! unless these news are exposed via this blog, the word equality will be demolished since there are lots of MR supporting mud blogs in the net (which I dont wanna publish here for their support :D)..

    People who don’t digest these cuz they are fed by the corruption and any truth hurts them to the maximum..

    Keep going!! Truth always wins at last..

    Wishing General Sarath Fonseka GREATEST VICTORY EVER….!!!

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