General Sarath Fonseka’s Mathara Rally

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General Sarath Fonseka’s Mathara Rally

Recorded Video

3.00pm onwards (20th of December, Mathara)


6 thoughts on “General Sarath Fonseka’s Mathara Rally

    1. Naveen, Matara is not an English word to spell it “correctly”. You should learn the difference between Sinhala and English before preaching others.

  1. @ Naveen – well if i write it as “Matara” then you can ask, why are you name it as “මාටර”.

    ත – tha
    ට – ta

    as per perveen and my knowledge, this is not a english word. shall i give u an example?

    in sri lanka, we have a town call “නුවර”, but we call it as “kandy” in english. is that correct? way back we call it as “කන්ද උඩරට” or “කන්ද”.. but the Englishman pronounced it as “කන්ඩ”… later it changed as “කන්ඩ”.. “කැන්ඩ”..”කැන්ඩි”… Kandy… but all using it. even Sinhalese going to kandy.. he..he..

  2. well Praveen is right. If you write in English, write it properly, if you write it in sinhala, get the spelling write in sinhala as well, but get it right. There is no excuse for wrong spelling-it just shows your lack of literacy.

    Your example of Kandy – well if you write in sinhala call it mahanuwara, if you write in english, call it Kandy. Those are the official names at the moment, so respect them.

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