Instructed LTTE Leaders to Surrender with white flags; but LTTE shot us, palitha kohona

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Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN confirming the statement of Sarath Fonseka again

It was Palitha Kohona, when he was the Foreign Ministry secretary who instructed the LTTTE Police chief B. Nadesan and chief of the Peace secretariat of the LTTE, S. Pullidevan to surrender to the Army carrying white flags with them.

Although the Govt. made a big din about a statement allegedly made by the Opposition common Presidential candidate Gen, Fonseka as reported by the Sunday leader newspaper on the 13th as a betrayal by the General, the Govt. has not given any publicity to the enunciations of Kohone in that connection.

This is the quoted statement of Sarath Fonseka from Sunday Leader (even before the correction)

“he had no information communicated to him in the final days of the war that three key LTTE leaders had opted to surrender to Sri Lanka’s armed forces as the battle drew to a bloody finish.”

Palitha Kohone had told a France news service, AFP on 21 May 2009 that when they tried to surrender coming forward, they were shot at from behind. The IRC spoke to me and told the Two LTTE cadres wanted to surrender. II asked them to go forward slowly with white flags towards the army without any show of aggression or threat. However when they tried to advance forward they were shot by the LTTE from behind.

However, a second Diplomatic source who refused to speculate on the circumstances of their deaths, commented that Sri Lanka is one big violation of the Geneva conventions. The LTTE Int. chain co ordinator Pathmanathan stated, when the two, Pullidevan and Nadesan abiding by instructions carried white flags and tried to advance towards the 58th regiment of the SL army, they were shot and killed.


7 thoughts on “Instructed LTTE Leaders to Surrender with white flags; but LTTE shot us, palitha kohona

  1. We are not stupid believe or imaging that LTTE Leader Prabakaran was carrying white flags attempted surrender in those final days of the war. What a shame that if somebody talks like that to the Father and the founder of suicide culture of LTTE, a person who never ever wants any single Tiger cadre to surrender against SL Army. Poor Tiger cadres were instructed to suicide themselves by swallowing cyanide if they get caught. In what grounds anybody wants to believe this allegation.

    1. but government try to get political advantages by misquoting a new article. finally main representative of government confirmed. it was not happened and thats what sarath fondeka mentioned. palitha konona infirmed the Statement of Sarath Fonseka again.

  2. it was really stupit person like him to mentione somthing like that cannot believe.any way finally it came out of the box confirming hight ranker from the government it’s self what sarath fonseka has expressed to the media.because LTTE carders and leaders ever nerver surrender to SL army.they must have tried to take every possible effert to fight and escape from the army and finally they couldn’d.person who lead the entire three forces along with other cammanders to magnificant victroy from the begininig to end and responsibilities that he held will never say that LTTE leaders carried white flags attempted to surrender to SL way it’s nothing government throwing mud at him and false properganda of the SL government to take childlish advantage for the election.

  3. Government is absuredly carrying out a mud-slinging campaign against the biggest patriot of Sri Lanka,Gen.Fonseka.Who Believes those the bluff campaign of Govt ??? Govt will lose their vote base further by such mad campaigns.MR has already lost many of his ex-voters by now due to his shameful absurd,rubbish,mud-slinging political acts.He will be answered by people on 26th of next month.People know whatever said and done,Gen.Fonseka is the biggest hero in this country,who fought LTTE even ignoring his life..He’s a great military icon.

  4. we know what type of hypocrites are weerawansa, champika, dalas, gotabaya, siripala, maithree, SB and mahinda and his family

    they dont love are mother land they only worry about thier pockets

    SF we are with u and we know that ur not a traitor

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