Exclusive interview with Sarath Fonseka

Sirasa TV conducted an exclusive interview with Sarath Fonseka on 2009/12/24

This is the captured video of  it

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10


16 thoughts on “Exclusive interview with Sarath Fonseka

  1. I’m a fan of you and will vote for u,undoutably,further watched the interview given to Sirasa TV last night.It’s absolutely true.What u have said about Gota was truth top to bottom.He’s coming to teach the way how a war must be waged to a person who has the war expertise more than twise of him,even he’s a person who had escaped the country when battle intensified in,if I’m not mistaken,1991,and had been operating computers in USA.Gota is a man who shouldn’t be taken serious.Intelligent people of the country know when compared who’s genius.No two words you’re the most successful service commander and military icon in SL.People are silent not that they approve the govt,but they’ve to tolerate them due to fear of life.People know that whatever the extent of mud that the govt sling at u,u’re the biggest Hero who lifted this country from the dark era of the LTTE.We owe to ur military expertise and knowledge on matters,that ultimately saved our mother land..It’s they the traitors,who say u’re a traitor.

  2. Sad but this is the nature of SF. Now just a few months back he roasted the former Navy Commander saying that it was he (SF) who was responsible (in percentage terms 95%) for destroying the LTTE. Not the Navy neither the Air Force. Now just six months afterward he tells something else. Then his allegations about various others including Secretary Defence. We saw how Secretary Defence too escaped an assassination attempt. Then so many other officers and men in the Armed Forces sacrificing their precious lives for a genuine cause. Now he is trying to take the credit alone and then exploit it. What a shame!!!!! First and foremost everyone should ask this gentleman to just stick to one policy. He says one thing today and changes it tomorrow. Well check with other Commanders who retired whether they got prime land from Colombo!!!!!! Now lies also……

    1. The Navy and the Air force are auxiliary forces compared to what the army was doing on the ground. Majority of their operations were providing logistics to the ground forces or backing them up. It’s not secret. All he’s saying is that it’s not just Rajapaksa’s doing that won the war and getting songs made after the victorious Rajapaksa royal family and cut-outs all over the streets is ridicules in any country. Watch the video about Indian leaders treat their army and war victory compared to our idiots.

  3. One thing about people who critisize SF, has no time to listen and consider, any how he is going to be our president, so everyone will be included!

  4. Sarth Fonseka is in this race to get a personal revenge from Gotabaya Rajapakse, his former boss. Sarath knows very well that he is not going to win this election so he is running a campaign of “HATE” with vicious personal attacks to nail his former boss Gota.

    1. The army commanders never report to the defense secretary, they report to the President or the Chief of Staff for defense. He’s not alone for wanting to get revenge on the Rajapakse PVT. They have exploited this countries money under the guise of a war victory. The even have part ownership of the Apollo hospital. Do some research before talking like an idiot.

  5. I am sure the Generals who stayed back, while sending their kids to the USA at the expense of poor Sri Lankan tax payers, and keeping the option of “GREEN CARD” handily in one hand, did a great service to the country before Gotabaya and Mahinda came to the scène by letting thousands and thousands poor village kids who joined the army being massacred by the LTTE. Tell these stories to kids who were born after 2005.

    1. Your lovable Gotabaya has a “GREEN CARD” handy too. He used it for 18 years and lived in U.S. SF has never lived there. I’m sure Gotabaya cried tears in his California house for 18 years while those thousands and thousands of poor village kids who joined the army were “massacared” by the LTTE. Were you born after 2005?

  6. Jesus taught us to love one another and forgive one another and spread the word of peace. But SF’s this interview which was aired on Christmas eve was full of hate, personal attacks, and it was all about getting revenge from Gotabaya. General, please stop this hate based politics. Majority of the Sri Lankans are decent peace loving carering people who despise these petty hate base stuff. It was so painful to watch all these hate fill interviews after MR,GB and you were in the same team eating and drinking together, why so much anger and revenge. Cool down your mind !!

  7. after watching that interview on sirasa 24 i was sold. our whole family is traditionally UNP so we decided that we would support him from the begining eventhough we thought that he wasn’t good talker as other politicians but after the interview we couldnt believe the man who was answering the questions like a seasoned politician,as we were catholics we needed to go to church so we couldnt watch the whole thing i hope sirasa would show it again.the way he answered the questions about the allegations and the real truth behind “GOTABAYA,MAHINDA and Co.” was just entertaining to see.

    1. yeap we need Military Government like Hitlers government.. then we white wash tamils… Sri lanka is only for Sinhalese..

  8. I’m a sinhalese too. I voted for SF. But fuck you sarath for your above comment. you are terrorist. Why should we white wash tamils you mother fucker. I hate this kind of people. This country for all of us. To live together.

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