D M Jayaratne to support General Fonseka?

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As per few reliable sources and hints, Minister of Plantation Industries,  D M Jayaratne is readying to give his support to General Sarath Fonseka in backstage.  he is one of the few remaining members of the original Sri Lanka Freedom Party members. We can confirm this by quoting a statement of Minister Champike Ranawaka.

Minister Ranawaka said a powerful minister of the government who expected to be the prime minister under this government in 2005 is attempting to become the PM when the ‘Swan’ comes to power. However, the government has the capacity to confront any challenge that comes from the opposition said Mr. Ranawaka.

He said this speaking at a press conference held by the JHU at Mahaweli Centre in Colombo (2009/12/24).  The Leader of the group of JHU Parliamentarians Ven. Atharaliye Rathana Thero and its Information Secretary Nishanthe Sri Warnasinghe too were present.


2 thoughts on “D M Jayaratne to support General Fonseka?

  1. Its a shame for JHU monks violating Buddhism in the name of Mahinda Rajapaksha. Champika is racist man who behind many violence agaisnt minorities after he became a member of parliment. This Rajapaksa regime clearly made violence agaisnt minorities in many occassions. taking funds from Iran, Libiya killing and destroying muslims economy.

  2. I think Mr SF if u become president in future pls remove all monks in the Parliament? monks should work in temple that’s what should be

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