Straight Talk with Sarath Fonseka

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Excusive intervew with General Sarath Fonseka by NewsX. NewsX is  the India’s first HDTV ready English news channel and uses a network of interconnected bureaus using the latest video technology to offer the widest range of national and international news.

Straight Talk with Sarath Fonseka

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


18 thoughts on “Straight Talk with Sarath Fonseka

  1. jenaral…you..won this election …but your speech..make a little diperance…dont tell..lika nawal….make a lika politics…….

  2. It is so embarasing to watch this crap. SF is like a mad dog unleshed. By Jan 26 he will do more harm to our coutry than any other living person we know of.

  3. SF talk like the boy who used to come and pluck coconuts at our estate(Gamme pol kadana Kolla wage)-Not to be insultive but truelly this guy is not presidential material at all. For heaven’s sake teach this man 2 things. 1) Teach him to pronounce English words correctly and 2) Ask him not to talk about his personal issues with his former boss but about big things that matters to Sri Lankans.

    1. @Chamath: SF ta ingrisi shabda karanna kiya denna kalin oya ingrisi wyakarana gana igena gaththa nam hoda nadda???
      ape game pol kadana kolla nam oyaata wada niwaradiwa ingrisi wala “Simple Present verb tense” gana dannawa mama hithana widihata…

      1. Ane Pako, I am not going to lead a country with 20 million people but SF is. People who are blindiy following SF have small minds very narrow thinking abilities. Unless you are paid partisen jackass you should be able to see that this man has no integrity,class or a vision. which leader on earth talk about his personal issues with in

    2. @Chamath= As if MR is brutally fluent in English. All he knows is “LTTE are finished they dont have any place to go”. I’m not sure whether SF will the best president ever but he certainly cannot be worse than the MR… Think srilanka, if you have a brain..

  4. Ane chamath koluwo anunge adupaadu hoyanta kalin thamange euwa heuwanan.anika anduwen aluth concept eka ‘speak english our way’ o sth.ithin ehenan eke waradak na nowa ayubowanda?..and derick koluwo,even MR is acting in da same way though you dnt c that…so if you dnt like to watch this kinda stuf,why do u waste your precious time n watch? I wonder whether you like him…ahaaa..:-)cool cool

  5. This for chamath’s concern.
    he is gentlemanly enough when compared to MR. you cannot expect this much of statesmanship from MR even with the aid of a teleprompter which he uses for every single address. sinhalath bari MR ta wada me manussaya kochchara diyunuda. this man has overhelming personality. MR ta wage sarama kare thiyan duwala panala pennanna one naha. MR has strong limbs for his age because there are so many coorupt people to strengthen his arms and legs but not his primary brain.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you UNP scumbags will say.. even Parabahkaran is gentlemanly enough when compared to MR. Sri Lanka will never move forward until Sinhalese terrorists like youself vanishes from this earth. MR got it wrong 4 years back. He should have first finished the Sinhalese terrorists before the LTTE.

  6. This is for the concern of all MR supporters. You people are blind and some of you are keeping your eyes closed cuz you people are fed by this corrupted MR and his so called royal family. General public understands this now. (Not fools)

    MR is called to have his promises kept and “Kalaguna salakana”. Kalaguna salakuwe kaatada? Only earned to live for his 7000 generations.
    People open your eyes and use your heads. This is the only chance to defeat corruption and cheap work.

  7. Chamath Hukanno,

    First- Sri Lankans pronounce English in the SL way. Listen to different ethnicities pronounciartions.What matter is the contents.
    Second – you must polish your English writing. “Big things” Waht Hukana way of expressing English is that??

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