All going wrong for Wimal

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The President of NFF Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa has come up with a new theory that it was Angulimala who hurled boulders at Lord Buddha. He said this addressing an election rally yesterday (31st).

Speaking at the rally Mr. Weerawansa said had the present leaders of the opposition lived during Lord Buddha’s time they would join Angulimala to hurl boulders at Him. However, according to Buddhist literature and history it was Devadaththa who hurled boulders at Lord Buddha and not Angulimala. Angulimala was, though a violent figure earlier was ordained later and reached the state of Arahat.

This is the Video proof for this article

Mr. Weerawansa’s ‘new discovery’ was telecast over the news telecast of the ‘Rupavahini last night. from lankatruth


44 thoughts on “All going wrong for Wimal

  1. Gel vimal is making every thing wrong nowadays. That is because he has selected the wrong path. He wanted to show the world that he is “Mahadenamutta” but he has shown the world what an idiot he is. Your days are numbered gel doll. You will find it hard way on 27th of this month. Stupid idiot.

    1. Some people really believe that SF will win on the 27th. Not to disappoint you, but if I am a betting man I would not bet on that horse (at least at this point of time)

  2. Hallo weerewansa,

    now you all started telling all upside down.That indicates the bigining of the other side of the future.Also remember that you all doing ugly mud slinging to REAL HEAROS through your ugly mouth and channels ,brave people wont absorb .Brave peoples percentage is more than muts.

  3. Earlier, too, he came out with a new theory on history of Sinhala literature.

    A big mouth and hoarse voice like the bray of an ass.
    SF is aware, it means nothing and he always speaks in a soft voice.

  4. Mr. Wimal Weerawansa needs more time to be a good leader and also learn to be a good speaker. He has the in born talent in public speaking but, he needs coaching and training from a good teacher. If not, he will be lost like a flower in the wild forest very soon. The other day he was commenting about General Sarath Fonseka stating that any ‘idiot’ can win a war with no respect to our dear soldiers who were brave and amongst them there are more than 5,000 who have sacrificed their lives and more than 30,000 disabeled for life. May be considers the lifes lost and disabeled as idiots.

  5. Let’s be honest Wimal is one of the best public speakers entire history of SL politics. He is clear, clever and speak to the point. And it is enjoyable to listen to him

  6. We lived with our heads held high after the defeat of the barbaric LTTE(Lankans living in western word). It is sad to see Sarath joining craps like Managala, Mano, Hakeem and Ranil who did nothing to win the war but did everything to stop it.
    Even more sad thing is to see some lankans like some of you supporting this stupid gang, It is a shame to think like you guys. You are betraying your motherland, be honest sarath’s problem is personal it is shame that he took it to a level to cost SL.

    1. It is sad to read a comment like the one you have made. What a shame that you cannot even understand the very simple principle of democracy. I dont expect some one who follow an idiot like Mahinda to be any cleverer. Anyway god save you!.

  7. @ Ramesh,

    Its easy for you to say that from the country you are in. It we, who live in this country see the corruption and suppression of freedom carried out by MR and his bros.

    1. We too lived in your country for a long period of time and corruption was never a new thing to us ever since we were born. But our main issues those days were, simply to survive without getting killed from JVP murderers , not to get burned on tyre prayers from UNP murderers, and to survive the suicide bomb attacks from LTTE murderers. Also your JVP brothers did not even let us go to universities for nearly 2 years.

      Thilina, if there is corruption in your country what you need to do is bring up solid evidence and present them to the court of law.

      For example. If Gotabaya has purchased so much shares of Apollo just go to the Colombo Stock Exchange and obtain the list of Shareholders list and present it.

      If Basil has purchased Swarnavahini go to the Company registration office and obtain the Articles of association of that company.

      If Rajapakse has purchased lands through illegal means go to the Land Registry and obtain registration copies and prove it.

      Without proving any of these allegation and just simply saying “HORRA…HORRA…HORRA…HORRA is not going to stick.

      1. Kamal,

        You seem to be living in a dreamland, far away from realistic Sri Lanka. It is a pity, you are ignorant of hundreds, nay, thousands of criminal complaints, made to the police, yet the legal machinery remains not functional.

        You seem also unaware that when Gota filed a civil case against a newspaper(just only in his personal capacity), and some lawyers represented the defendants, those lawyers were described as TRAITORS TO THE NATION in DEFENCE MINISTRY website. 😦

        Please awake from your slumber to see that law and order is non-functional in Sri Lanka at present.

      2. Hello Kamal,
        To say the least know what you are talking about. The docs and evidence you mentioned can be obtained in SL?, my foot. Legal system, company registration, etc ha ha ha. Can you send me some of the ‘stuff’ you use? I too like to ‘float’.

      3. May I add a few things to what Pradeep says.

        1. Just find out details from all sources what happened yesterday (January 3rd)at Kiribathgoda and tell us your final conclusion.

        2. Over a dozen journalists have been killed and many more were hammered into pulp, cut with knives, their bones broken, etc. Complaints have been made to the police by the bushels. The police are yet in a slumber and nothing has come out. Quite a large number of journalists have fled the country for fear of life.

        3. Sirasa was set on fire. Nothing came off. Of course, Gota keeps on insisting that they themselves did so in order to claim insurance. If it is true, it is a serious criminal offence, but they have not been dealt with.

        Kamal, keep on living in your dreamworld. Sweet dreams!

      4. To add: Haven’t you heard about the controversial hedging deal that was legally scrapped by the SC? The VAT fraud, the Mihin Air loses? Don’t you know that this government is blatantly violating the constitution by not appointing the 17th Amendment, which would make way from an independent bribery commission, that will facilitate the proof of many of these allegation leveled against the government by the opposition?

        What about the jumbo cabinet, that incurs very little expenditure for the government (as the ministers continue to justify)? What about the sky rocketing prices of commodities because of heavy taxes needed to maintain the mismanagement and rampant corruption?

        Do you approve our rulers robbing us in broad daylight, under the guise of triumphalism, when the valiant security forces fought courageously to rescue this country from the clutches of terrorism?

  8. Mr.Wimal is a good speaker…he can speak only….he cant do any thing ever….he have to going shoping to keep his position…..he can tell lies like true….every body have to understand that….

  9. What do you know about history men & never been to sigiriya.From where the money to build a palace your days are numbered horra horra!!!!!

  10. Bullshit, This traiter does not know what he is talking and what he is doing right now because he him self fighting to save his life now. Therefore he is doing and undertaking any horrible things to get win Mahinda. But NO WAY..

  11. Let Wimal Wirawansa deliver more lectures like the one about Angulimala and the more lies he utters, the more votes General Fonseka will earn. He has already earned the nick name the “stinking pig” and these are the close associates of our president

  12. Well done Wimal. You are supporting General by opening your ugly big mouth.Are you really aware of what you are saying?

  13. That foul mouthed idiot is not taken seriously anymore. He has about 10 microphones right in front of his big mouth, but shouts at the top of his voice. Does he need a microphone at all? On the other hand he should learn to be more respectful of the man who savaed this country from terrorism. He is actually an asset to the common candidate because of his vulgar language.

  14. Punchisinyo claims he enjoys the wrath unleashed from the stinking big mouth. Fortunately, we have few punichisinyos in our society today. Well, birds of a feather flock together.

  15. Mr.WW can recall the then famous saying from JVP.Dogs will continue the barking but I feel ” the caravan of determination to eliminate the curruption”will proceed as the nation observe silence, these days.

  16. My Dear Friends,

    What a shame thing happened yesterday (3rd), this is what, MR and all his 119 MPS says Democracy. MR is Blind in front of Gov Violence. My dear friends this Presidential fight is between “Democracy –Vs- Dictatorship”. So that I Humbly request from U all Please Vote To SF and defeat violence, corruption and Dictatorship .

  17. My dear wimal people call you as boru wance , not weerawance because, you are saying more great lies than Chethiya pachaya.

    Thank you very much for supporting indirectly to SF.

    1. No, no, Wimal, carry on. Don’t shut up. Try every possible means, foul or fair. Or else what about the palace you are building at Kaduwela, costing so many millions?

      But, however much you bray, once SF is there after the 26th, how you earned so much will be investigated and dealt with, for sure.

      People in Sri Lanka with a little gray matter inside their skulls are aware that you are struggling like a worm cut into two. Why? You are dreaming of a 5-star palace. How selfish?

  18. We should learn from history. Any country engulfed in corruption and nepotism will never prosper. Sri Lanka is a classic example. If we love our motherland I appeal to all Sri Lankans irrespective of party politics, please join hands and elect General Sarath Fonseka to end this cycle of violence, corruption, nepotism and the list is endless.

  19. WW has been upset ever since SB joined the gang, ‘cos he lost his position as MR’s Chief Spokesman, now he’s even more frightened since Jhonnyboy joined MR,
    Daily he’s losing ground.
    No wonder he’s losing his mind.

  20. Is it true that one of the 3 horoscopes that was taken to this famous Buddhist Monk in Kurunegala belonged to WW?
    He had been made to believe that he has a great future in SL Politics.
    That’s why he is so close to the Royalty!

  21. Recently two foul mouthed “Deshapaluwas” appeared on Swarnavahini for a debate with the opposition. No respectable politician should accept those challenges from these criminals. It was good that the opposition representation was withdrawn before the beginingin of the debate. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s goons cannot sell their obscene anymore. Voters have already decided.

  22. Boruwansa says” Enawa methana Bana kiyanna” without knowing Buddhist history about Anagulimala and
    Devadatta.This idiot is an asset to General Sarath Fonseka

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