Minister Naveen Dissanayake to support General Fonseka?

Bookmark Minister Naveen Dissanayake to support General Fonseka

Minister Naveen Dissanayake, the son of late Gamini Dissanayake and the brother of SLFP District Organizer Mayantha Dissanyake, who extended his support to General Fonseka yesterday, will make a statement tomorrow at a press briefing on rumors he too is scheduled to extend support to the General.

He would reveal his position on the matter at the special press briefing tomorrow. Naveen Dissanayake is the The Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion of UPFA government.

Updated – Minister of Investment Promotion Naveen Dissanayake, today(2010/1/7) said that he will not crossover from the government as rumoured by media. He added that he will support the President at the upcoming polls.

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4 thoughts on “Minister Naveen Dissanayake to support General Fonseka?

  1. Thanks for publishing the update in RED..!! You guys need to be more accurate on issuing news. Now, we are not sure if the news articles you publish are really accurate or not…! Please make sure you cross check your news sources before jumping the gun on news..!! If this continues, you will lose your credibility..!

    1. @ malli – thanks for your suggestion. as dzone, we are trying our best to post attractive and eye catching news for our viewers. we got this info from few sources and this was posted in some other web pages(newspaper and TV channel maintaining).

      as the admin team we have the chance of removing this article from our site(without visible to anyone). but without doing that we have corrected it by updating the same post. thats the transparency of our site not like others.

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