Sarath N Silva backup Sarath Fonseka

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Former Chief Justice Sarath N Silva stated that he boarded the political stage ‘for the first time in his life” since he could not stand by and watch President Rajapakse violate all constitutional norms. Sarath N Silva made these comments addressing a huge rally at Ampara (05th) held in support of General Fonseka.

He further stated ; “ Although the Supreme Court directed the Government to reduce the price of petrol, the Government did not. However, one year later, they reduced the price, confirming that the Supreme Court decision was right.”

“ They are also now spreading a malicious rumour saying that I am trying to amalgamate the north and the east. The two provinces were separated by a Supreme Court decision and there is no need to unite them again. The Government cannot stop the power of democracy marching towards victory – I invite all Sri Lankans to vote for democracy and restoration of law and order – by voting for General Fonseka.” from lankatruth


12 thoughts on “Sarath N Silva backup Sarath Fonseka

  1. Sarath N. Silva is the first Chief Justice in 56 years of Sri Lankan legal history to make legal decisions based on political agenda. I hope he will be the last politicised judge in Sri lanka ever going to see. Professionals should stick to their profession instead of trying to achieve their own political agendas.

  2. No more politics for Judges. Keep politics out of courts.

    For fairenss and resonability judges please stay out of politics!!!

  3. if its good for the goose its good for the ????
    get the clergy out too not only from politics
    but out of the universities too
    and keep thugs and criminals out of politics too
    yes we can

    1. I totally agree with yoo. I just can’t stand any monk in politics ,specially those JVP ones who distroy our universities.

  4. I think we need genuine people like our dear Sarath N Silva for punish all violators and culprits. He is a strong personality when it come law or constitution. UNP leader may propose Sarath N Silva for interim or caretaking Prime Minister until next general election. If he does he will become the 1st person in history who sacrificed all his benefits at least temporarily for the betterment of this country. He signed the CFA for the sake of peace without considering his own or party’s future. 2nd he united various factions such as UNP, JVP, SLMC and TNA by sacrificing his rights of contesting the election. It will be easier for a common president and prime minister to punish culprits and establish law and order. I think UNP leader will do that.

  5. I believe that it doesn’t matter who you were ,it is the Right & the Resposibility of each and every citizen of any country to come forward for what is right , against what is wrong & I think he is doing the right thing , may god be with him !

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