TNA confirms to back Fonseka & Call on Tamils to support him

Bookmark TNA confirms to back Fonseka & Call on Tamils to support him

The Tamil National Alliance today confirmed that it will support Rtd. General Sarath Fonseka at the upcoming Presidential Elections.

TNA leader R. Sampanthan said that following talks with Fonseka and incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa the party was of the opinion it could not support President Rajapaksa at the polls considering his past performance as a President and called on the Tamil community to support Fonseka for Presidency.

Sampanthan said that General Fonseka understands the need for an acceptable solution to the Tamil issue far better that President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He also noted that General Fonseka was not in the military anymore and so the TNA was not supporting a “military official” for the Presidency.

He also said there was no “agreement” signed with General Fonseka. from Dailymirror


8 thoughts on “TNA confirms to back Fonseka & Call on Tamils to support him

  1. The only other group that is yet to confirm their support for SF is the remaining LTTE diaspora clan in the west. Stay tune..

    1. Yes, send this petty govt out and bring that chaotic JVP-TNA/LTTE-Mangala/Chandrika-Sarath/Army-Ranil coalition in….

      YES WE CAN…

      1. This is not a parliamentary election. The people can decide on the coalition, chaotic or not at the mid-2010 elections.

  2. Fonseka going to help LTTE residual bodies to re-union with TNA. Do you know TNT?: Tamil National Television, a TV channel powered directly by LTTE. Now it is not running as army captured TNT center in humanitarian mission. In those videos they always show the information of TNA. TNA are LTTE representatives. I have those videos so I can confirm. Fonseka today deal with TNA and he directly help to uplift LTTE ideas.

  3. Let me state, all Chinthaka has is a Draconian Dream. One must not forget that MR also vood these votes&FAILED. & as the TNA leader stated judging from the past performance of MR the TNA can not support him. Further If Gen Sarath Fonseka had LTT ideas, he would never have led a successful Campaign against them.
    Do remember we live in a multi national Island like Singapore. They are a success because of Iron Discipline.Let us Vote SARATH fONSEKA OUR next president.

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