SLBC takes initial step to support General Fonseka

Bookmark SLBC takes initial step to support General Fonseka

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation or SLBC, the state running organization posted a positive article about Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka. Without giving any airtime to the other candidates specially to General sarath Fonseka, SLBC promoted its one and only candidate President Mahinda Rajapaksa. However this is a an article of SLBC Web site. is it the initial step?

” Mr. Sarath Fonseka says he will take steps to offer to the Sasana 2,600 novice Bikkus.

Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka says he will provide better facilities for the public by developing the country. He has planned to offer 2600 Samanera Bhikkus to the Buddha Sasana to mark the 260th anniversary of Lord Buddha’s birthday. 2,600 Temples in rural areas will also be developed. Mr. Fonseka pledges to implement a special programme to create a Buddhist revival in the island. He made these comments at a Buddhist ceremony held in Viharamaha Devi Park in Colombo yesterday with the participation of Maha Sangha to invoke blessing to him and the country. ”

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8 thoughts on “SLBC takes initial step to support General Fonseka

  1. he is just joking to buddhism also, wairaya irshiyawa krodaya pirunu minihek thulin kohomada me sasaneta sethak wenne? anika UNP eke inne para gathi suddange kuli wada karana henchaiyalath ekke buddahagamata kesenam wada kala hakida, buddahagama winasa karapu UNP eke TNA eke hawlakin balayata kadara kamin balayata enne hadana minissu katha karane me wage dewal walata ape rate saba bawddhayo nisi piluthurak dewi

  2. mr thamayi niyama bouddaya !!

    bouddagamata salakanawa kiyanne eka hamuduru kenekuta withrak maligawak car ekak puja karana eka neweyi

    ammage thurelen kiribona ath patawau udauragena thamange bara oppu karanna dalada maligawata dena eka neweyi

    gam wal duppath pansal wala samanera wahansela badaginne
    anith dewal gana kata karanna ona ne

    buduhamuduruwange darashanaya amathaka karala
    buddagama wikunagena kanawa

  3. Same thing happened when UNP was near to win parliament election.
    and after that they changed their way when mahinda near to win parliament election at 2004.
    So we can take this as a Signal of SF’s victory.

  4. Here’s another one:
    Mr. Sarath Fonseka says a programme will be introduced for indigenous practitioners to carryout their profession properly.

    Mr. Sarath Fonseka says a programme will be introduced for indigenous practitioners to carryout their profession properly. He stated this speaking at the meeting held with members of indigenous practitioners’ federation and astrologer’s society at New Town Hall in Colombo today. He said steps will be taken to upgrade the profession of indigenous practitioners by giving away promotions for them. Meanwhile, three more public rallies of Mr. Sarath Fonseka will be held today at Kiribathgoda, Kesbewa and Bandaragama.

  5. No one should get fooled for the statement announced by the state media. Just think twice.. Majority of the SF supporters are non-buddhists. Whereas, when SF states and stresses only on Buddhist Cultural improvement, rest of the people (Non-buddhist) would start to raise question and try to avoid voting him as it shows as if there are favourations.

    Therefore, never trust these kind of stories issued by the state media. They didn’t release it to the public in order to support SF. It is to break the strength among the community who are joined their hands to support SF. Just another failed trick by folly MR team..

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