General Sarath Fonseka’s Gampaha Rally

General Sarath Fonseka’s Gampaha Rally

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(12th of January, Gampaha)


4 thoughts on “General Sarath Fonseka’s Gampaha Rally

  1. The govt supporters are inciting violence against opposition supporters, and now trying to make people believe that opposition is self-inflicting to gain sympathy.

  2. Even a middle class person cannot live happily in this country. No proper food, education,etc. This is similar to 1970-1977 government. At that time there was a scarcity of consumer goods (all local products were low quality at that time. All row materials were given to SLFP supporters only). Now people have no money to buy goods. It effects next generation too. Inactive uneducated people with full of hatred will increase.

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