Cabinet ministers to come like Rats jumping off the sinking ship

Bookmark Cabinet ministers to come like Rats jumping off the sinking ship

Rats are jumping off the sinking ship and very soon half of the cabinet will be on our side, says UNP parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekera.

Addressing a convention in Kurunegala for the Muslim community in the area, Dayasiri said that all minorities in the country were with the opposition common candidate General Sarath Fonseka. The tide is changing now. All minorities in the country are now with us and are gearing up to make Sarath Fonseka victorious.

“The Tamil National Alliance and the Muslim Congress joined us recently. The UNP has a massive Muslim force. The other day, the TNA said that they had around 1.2 million votes and they would work towards General Fonseka’s victory without any condition.

“The tide is turning and there are rats jumping of the sinking ship. I wish to state that very soon half of the cabinet will be sitting on this side. However we will have to separate the wheat from the chaff,” said Dayasiri.


24 thoughts on “Cabinet ministers to come like Rats jumping off the sinking ship

  1. Yes I like the statement “we will have to separate the wheat from chaff”. Otherwise no difference. Pls do not give culprits another chance.

  2. I am not happy with this government and I was very excited when SF announced his candidacy. But now I am really confused and probably may not vote at all. First I love my country before anything and anyone else. I don’t like what I am hearing from TNA MPs. Did SF really agree to the TNA’s self rule condition or not? Why is that TNA MP Thurerajasinghem saying that SF and Ranil signed a document agreeing to their demands? Why can’t they all say we are for a united Sri Lanka. Also, it looks like SF is not a very clean person too. I am a firm believer in either you are 100% clean or not clean at all and also either you are a liar or a truthful person. There are no half half stuff when it comes to Truthfulness and Honesty. Now I have serious dought about SF. May be in the next few days SF can prove himself and get my vote. But he has to be abouslutely truthful and honest. Otherwise I have three words for all politicians..FUCK YOU ALL!!!

      1. Mr. Nandana you do not need to confused because this is very much clear there is no agreement you copy this link JVP MP Vijitha Herath Saying this clearly

        True is Government sign with EPDP Agreement now there are trying to hide the agreement doing this agreement with SF AND TNA This is a link between government and EPDP AGREEMENT COPY THIS LINK AND SEE and also you got EPDP Website and u can see under OUR VISION Third one there are clearly saying they want to merge north and east
        “Permanently merged North and East as a Single Province”

      2. Nandana,

        Why FUCK?

        Anyway, you seem to be really confused in
        your mind.

        It is obvious through all available evidence
        that there is no pact in writing between SF
        or any of the parties backing him and
        TNA. Please study all available information.

        This talk of document/pact is obviously just
        a fabrication by MR’s propaganda machinery.
        It is a pity that you have fallen victim to
        their Goebbles-like propaganda.

        Do you have any grey matter inside your

        BTW, if FUCK is your interest, it is all up
        to you.LOL

      3. Nice try fucker. I’ll vote for anybody backed by the UNP over this family rule. How can you support arrogance from the Rajapasses? How can you support the ministers getting all the perks and wastage of tax payers money? How about them cut outs? How about the fucking police not being firm and keeping law and order, much like a security service to the government? So shove off with your doubts? How can Sarath Fonseka reveal something that doesn’t exist? Much like can you prove to me that your mom is not biggest whore on the planet?

    1. First of all Mr Nandana’s vote is not necessary for SF’s victory. You better keep your vote for wiping purpose.

    2. Nandana use your head if you have one. Do you really believe all the vomit propaganda that mahinda spews?? Grow a backbone and grow a brain. Think for yourself. As soon as TNA announced their support for SF, I knew immediately that the government will use this to fullest to claim SF is in an agreement with the LTTE. It was clear as day. COME ON use your brain.

  3. i am not a suppoter of UNP, SLFP, JVP, ect, fed up with all parties, all are the same,
    i luv my country i always want good to happen, so sad there is no good leader, we are still far back than the other countries
    if these politicians take over the country who ever it is the same, All come to make them rich. I dont think even in 100 years this country will prosper, we as citizens are fools still we cant choose the right person to lead the country, no one is thinking of the future of our kids, lets forget about us our time is over and dont want to see the kids in the future suffer the way we are now. the main reason is the power of the exucutive president, we people should work to demolish this and try to bring a good political system where the ministers cant ROB the country,

    There is only one solution to do this, Who ever contesting we should give the vote on one condition, he should demolish the Exucutive Presidency and bring a good political system, If he fail the next election we should vote for a another, one day some one who luvs the country will come to power for sure to save our mother land

    Our president Mahinda Rajapakse also promissed to demolish the Exucutive Presidency he was full of lies, this time there are more than 10 candidates lets vote to one of them who ever it is lets see how it goes this time,

    oh god please advance the knowledge of the sri lanka citizens,

    may god bless Sri Lanka

    1. Mindika, today Mahinda announced AGAIN he is abolishing the executive presidency. As the saying goes: fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. 🙂

  4. Dayasiri,

    Yeah, it is going to happen. Let them throw their might for SF’s victory.

    But, once SF is in Presidency, none of the scoundrels should get any Ministerial portfolios. It is your responsibility to see to it. Also tell Ranil about it.

  5. I do agree with Mindika on the view that whoever is getting rid of the executive presidency should be voted in. And I would like to add this too. The citizens should campaign for the old system of electorates where an MP is responsible to that Ward. In the past under the ward electorate system politicians were mindful of their voters which to a great extent helped the developement of the wards reulting in the developements of the whole country. Also I agree with all those who say that these ‘RATS’ should not be given any portfolios to plunder the country anymore!!I think we should all support the best person who has come forward as we need sombody to run the country. If anyone thinks all politicians are the same then they shuld themselves come forward to contest and win. So its better to come down to reality and get the corrupt rulers out before they take the beautiful resourseful country of ours to more ruin…….

  6. @Nandana: I really like to knw y u won’t vote for SF?he has openly asked MR to come for a debate abt these alleged accusations but thus far have not!!!
    even weerawansa had to bring back up since he cudn’t face it alone.people who watched this might have seen the facial expressions he had…not that tough so called character is he.
    further more SF is vry dangerous for people who have done wrong his army record shows this.military law is very different its done on strict discipline.people who got thrown out are now been used to tarnish SF father who was also a officer in the army can verify this since he was under SF as well.people don’t like him coz he needs discipline which is lacking right now in politicians n police who turns a blind eye2all.
    why i vote for him is coz he’ll be the only person to kick the A**H***s out of parliament who have missed use power so well in the past year.
    for example mervin silva is know to be a thug which he has shown in many occasions and even proud of it.has MR done anytin to prevent him,any legal actions???NO
    if mervin is a thug…the one who protects him is the father of all thugs…in this case MR.MR son who’s in the Navy have violated half a dozen rules of the military due to the election campaign…there by demolishing the once proud naval forces…wat abt the moral of the men in the 3forces.
    what kind a jackass would give Ranaviri Pranaama to that poor soldier who has lost both legs…he was on the floor coz since the president was standing he was not allowed to sit…its very pathetic.i’ve given clutches to soldiers and they would come n ask if we are planning to give more…i was only able to buy 4 i was emotional for that entire day coz i wanted to buy for everyone but financially i couldn’t.
    one thing i will not stand is ill treating our soldiers who sacrificed life n limb so we can go abt the country without fear of what might happen….so its your choice…!!!

    pass this along to so once again our country may unite under one flag free of terrorism n rotten politics…we did unite once wen we won the war its time we do so again

    1. Rana,

      Leave aside rats although they are a dangerous species. Pigs? Well. They are only good for their flesh! There are quite a lot of them around MR.

      OMG! I am a vegetarian.

  7. nandasena is a mahinda supporter trying to paint a picture of dissatisfaction among voters towards SF…this a typical gimmick they are starting to use.. but the truth is…the masses are rallying behind the general… kiri bath on the 27th. ..chill people..

  8. What Muditha says is very true. what kind of animal would allow a cripple to come to his feet and reach out for a meagre reward? I think its enough now of MR and clan please let somebody else take over and run the country MR & Family are well set for life so let them retire with the votes of srilankans to Gen SF on the 26th…

  9. Muditha

    You summarised very well!!!!

    I had great respect for MR (because of the war victory) when I visited SL for Holiday early December and I was talking to my friends/Relatives why we need to vote for MR again. Unexpectetely all of them except my Dad and few others were against MR. I was surprsed to hear that My own sister & brother (who have never voted against SLFP) are not going to vote any of them.

    After seeing Mervin (Mera) Silvas speach and all thuggery work/attacking opposition offices and all corruptions done by Minsters, I was very dissapointed. Now my brother and sister decided to vote for SF. Most of my friends who voted for MR in 2005 have changed.

    Therfore it will be a very close contest. If MR looses, MR himself should be responsible for not handling his Police/Ministers and thagas farely.

    There is no doubt that the tide is with SF and if MR and the government do not maintain free and fare election for next 10 days 80-90 % of 25-30% of loating votes would go to SF.

  10. @lalith: thankx. if you all have seen wat my father have shown me when he was in the army…u all would see much more clearly what the forces and the men n women in the north n east suffered during the war…we owe them dearly…our lives including our next generation owe them greatly.

    its a change we are expecting now..earlier for development projects not being carried out there was n excuse “the war” now there is none. now the weeding out of corruption has to take place. except for several police officers the entire place is corrupted.

    i do wish the people abroad would come n vote for SF since so far to my knowledge lot of people are with SF. SF always in every rally had said the war victory rightfully is deserved by the people n the 3forces not a personal victory.

    BUT recently in a rally Rajitha Senarathna has said its rightfully the presidents victory…WHAT A LOAD OF B*LLSH*T.
    he wasn’t in SriLanka @that time…his son who’s in the Navy was not here both came after to claim there titles.they go in motor convoys upto 15-20 vehicles including bikes.

    what do YOU or I have…i only have my bare skin to protect me…we as entire SriLankans travel of fear n financial difficulties in buses n cars..

    when artillery is fired by LTTE soldiers could not go under the bunker since its flooded with water..either they have to drown inside or shred to pieces on top.i wish i had pics to prove these things.

    NO one in there fare n right mind should vote to anyone who treats those people in such away. its an insult to all patriots n SriLankans alike. think what the people outside must be thinking!!!

    How many taxes are there in SL God I’ve lost count.wen SF proposed an increase the amount that is given to soldiers for 5 laks they have refused…these are the people who buy hotels,hospitals,bloody expensive cars,TV adds around the clock (mind you 15secs cost Rs75.000 few years back I’m not sure how much it is now I’m betting its more)…call n find out. then count how many times “Thaarunyata hetak” goes in one TV channel???


  11. Muditha,

    As you have noted, SF may not have been in SL at that very moment when Piribahiran was killed. So what? If he was abroad, it must have been for some serious military job and with the knowledge and approval of MR.

    Say, your wedding day arrangements were totally organised by your dad but he was in hospital on the wedding day and so absent on the occasion. When the ceremony went on so nicely and smooth, do you blame your dad for not being present there?

    At the very moment when Praba was killed, I think, even MR was not in SL but in some sandy desert in the mid east. 🙂

  12. @senator: i do understand your point but is it right to take all the credit to one person???
    imagine you doing some major project for your company after several nights of hard work finally to know your boss got all the credit n a raise…what would u say?

    what about the moral would it still be high knowing that the company trusted you to carry out this important task n now you don’t get a penny in return?

    1. Muditha,

      Yeah. I get your point. No doubt, the credit for the achievement should be apportioned and divided among all, who contributed to it. MR, SF, you and I all have a share in it.

      Let even one single person claim credit for it, if he so wishes. We would not mind. But it has already been achieved and now all that is past and gone. It is part of the history now.

      The issue before us right at this moment is not who should get that credit but what we are going to do/get in the FUTURE.

      That is the issue, I emphasise.

      This debate about who should get the credit has been initiated, just to confuse the people. Let all those who deserve it get it.

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