Enabling General by Disabled Soldiers

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A procession was organized in Colombo by the disabled and handicapped soldiers of Kegalla District from the vicinity of Vihara Maha Devi Park yesterday (13) in support of General Sarath Fonseka.

Over 1500 soldiers who commenced the march from near Victoria Park went round the Lipton circus and staged a protest demonstration.  Later they went walking to the General’s Office at Rajakeeya Mawatha and met the General and expressed their solidarity


3 thoughts on “Enabling General by Disabled Soldiers

  1. I had great respect for MR (because of the war victory) when I visited SL for Holiday early December and I was talking to my friends/Relatives why we need to vote for MR again. Unexpectetely all of them except my Dad and few others were against MR. I was surprsed to hear that My own sister & brother (who have never voted against SLFP) are not going to vote any of them.

    After seeing Mervin (Mera) Silvas speach and all thuggery work/attacking opposition offices and all corruptions done by Minsters, I was very dissapointed. Now my brother and sister decided to vote for SF. Most of my friends who voted for MR in 2005 have changed.

    Therfore it will be a very close contest. If MR looses, MR himself should be responsible for not handling his Police/Ministers and thagas farely.

    There is no doubt that the tide is with SF and if MR and the government do not maintain free and fare election for next 10 days 80-90 % of 25-30% of floating votes would go to SF.

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