A Sri Lankan made to owe Rs. 108,000 in past 4 years

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Sri Lanka has, for the very first time, borrowed more than its annual income last year, claims parliamentarian Wijayadasa Rajapakse. he said the total state earnings in 2009 stood at Rs. 750 billion, while the loans obtained amounted to Rs. 800 billion.

With this huge borrowing, every Sri Lankan now owes Rs. 210,000 to the world, up from Rs. 92,000 in 2005, he said. In the past four years alone, the government has made a citizen Rs. 108,000 in debt. By December 31, 2009, the total state borrowings rose to Rs. 4,020 billion, said Mr. Rajapaksa.

Speaking further, he said the loans obtained before 2005 were being used for development projects, whereas borrowings thereafter were not visibly being utilized for development.


26 thoughts on “A Sri Lankan made to owe Rs. 108,000 in past 4 years

  1. So, you say borrowings after 2005 were not utilized for development? Why not? Just see, how much developed MR’s family tree is?

    1. 7 fly overs,5 harbours,3 mega power plants, first toll highway from Matara to Pannipitiya, Extension of Railway line from Matara to Kataragama, Colombo-Katunayake expressway, rural electrification projects, concrete roads for villages, Carpeting of all the highways all around the country, largest brdigh in the east. Expansion of army,nevy and purchase of Migs, F7. Just to name a few. Still there are few fuckers like you live in our country who can’t stand the fact that Sri Lanka is much better than 2005 and moving forward. So you sit front of a computer and start spreading hate and mud the whole day. What did your leader SOMAWANSE AND THAT GAY DUDE RANIL HAS DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY, did they even built a public toilet?? Other than giving part his own coutry in a sign document to a group of tererists.SHAME ON YOU!!!

      1. For your information those were done with the aid taken from England and America, who, according to your precious king are behind international conspiracies against Sri Lanka-maybe they are, since the above article shows we are all in debt to them thangs to your King.

        Kinnya bridge was NOT a project OF MAHINDA

        3 power plants which are a huge threat to the CO2 emission level in Sri Lanka, and will make Sri Lanka to buy coal from China for a high price for many years to come, according to the deal.

        And, prove me wrong, but the MIGS turned out to be NOT COMPATIBLE with Artillery used by the Sri Lankan army.
        What more, I went around Trinco and a friend who went to Jaffna proved that Uthuru Wasanthe is a hoax.

        In case you have forgotten, Ranil developed many roadways in Sri lanka, made many trade pacts including the GSP+ which developed the apperal industry and strengthened the economy of Sri Lanka within two years as PRIME MINISTER. Compare that with Mahinda’s two years as prime minister AND FOUR YEARS AS PRESIDENT. I admit that Ranil didn’t build a toilet though. Of causes Somawamsa was never in power, so what can he do?


  2. Ane moda gonu -Amricawath loketama nayai. Doller trillion walin. Thopige ponna Ranil hitiyana thawa avrude thihak (30) loan aragena LTTE eka udha kera kera inaa thibuna. Nathnum Prabata Tax gewa gewa pucka dedei inna thibuna.

    1. Puka dena eka oya hondata dannawa wagai. Mama danne tikai!

      But I was talking politics and matters connected to it, not about PUKA. Are you so keen about PUKA?

    2. For God’s sake, when are we going to be decent and talk about matters of fact – without resorting to Mariakade language? Maybe, such people are born and bred in some Mudukkuwa in Mariakada.

      By the way, my vocabulary of ‘Mariakadelese’ is far richer than yours! 🙂

  3. At least the govt. should have invested the borrowings in ways so that the development carried out would have made a good income in the future.The income could have been used to re-pay the loans.
    There should be a way to find out if these economic centeres, massive bus stands, sathosa, etc… actually bring a profit or need more tax payer/donor money to keep them running.

  4. These fucking rajapakse family only developing his own family millions of money in there bank accounts properties around the globe. builting a huge house in there hometown, buying Australian embassy, Apollo hospital, and not only stealing, taking innocent peoples properties by force what a corrupted government is this?? they are simply greedy on money.and from where did they get money to buy all these did mahindas father earned all these money for the 3 fucking son to buy. I can just say 3 words to 3 brothers FUCK YOU ALL!!!

  5. These Goddey Rajapakse “biyo” brothers came from some shit hole in remote southern village with nothing. They can’t speak two words of English properly and it is so embarrassing to see when Mahinda go overseas with his Sarong Pota to meet other world leaders. He has no personality but has that cunning brain to steal. While average people starve to death in Sri Lanka, these 3 brothers were busy buying properties all over the world, Vine yard for Basil in Argentina. South beach Condo in Florida for Gotta, New York Massive shopping mall for Mahinda and Namal, Apple yard in Australia for Shivanthi. This is in addition to Apollo hospital , Estates in Matara and Kurunegala, four massive palaces being built in Nuwara Eliya, Matra,Anuradhapura and Malabe. Time to chase these PAL HORU who basically destroyed our country into pieces and made it worse than Zimbabwe.

  6. to
    KP / Pakeli LTTE Senator

    there is something that we would like you to know. A rich country will
    > collect 20 to 35% as taxes. A developing country will collect 35 to
    > 42.5% as taxes. Today Sri Lanka collects 63% as taxes. From every 100
    > rupees you earn, 63 rupees will go back to the government as taxes.
    > This means Sri Lanka is heading towards disaster like Zimbabwe which
    > collects a whopping 88%………..
    This is what these govt support fuckers want our country to be..

  7. I don’t owe anything to anyone, and politicians who got the debits must pay it themselves.. Everything we bought, were bought by our own money, which was earned with utmost difficulty.. and so I don’t owe either politicians or foreigners..

  8. To all these horu raja supporters i would like to inform you losers if you still decide to vote for horu raja in few years you and your family will be in the road begging for money coz what ever you people earn you pay 70% for govt and day by day they increase the price of the goods the way they want so nothing is left end of the day. SO YOU GUYS DECIDE WHETHER YOU NEED THE SAME HORU RAJA AND FAMILY RULING THE COUNTRY OR FOR BETTER CHANGE IN FUTURE??

  9. Come 27th we ll know, whether this country actually has some brains in it….

    Quote :” 7 fly overs,5 harbours,3 mega power plants, first toll highway from Matara to Pannipitiya, Extension of Railway line from Matara to Kataragama, Colombo-Katunayake expressway, rural electrification projects, concrete roads for villages, Carpeting of all the highways all around the country, largest brdigh in the east. Expansion of army,nevy and purchase of Migs, F7. Just to name a few.”

    aney api nodanna Chess….. Doing those only 30 percent 40 percent went back to own their own pockets… tell me a name of a 20 year old who dont do a job who can afford an Aston Martin in a country like SL… Tell me a soldiers name who was sponsored to go to Washington for military training…your leader has experience lu, yes yes we know.. you seem to have more experience in your PuKA though.. lmao.. Come 27th all this Mo FOs will be on the street.

    1. The cost of a used Aston Martn in the UK would average around Rs.20 million. How much will it be to ship it to SL and to clear it through the normal customs tariff? Can some one who knows let us know? Has the Raja Kumaraya paid any customs duty, I wander?

  10. Real & Honest leaders do account for ppl’s money they do not steal. This fact alone is enough to prove that MR is not suitable even to lead a small club OFCOZ NOT A COUNTRY. Go home MR & don’t forget to take all your corrupted sons and brothers with you.

  11. Bada gana hithana umbala wage awajathaka ponnayo nisa thama me ratata kelawene.
    Ethihasaya pura thopi karapu huththak na yako.
    Ara musala J.Rge sape thama me thopi dan epa wela kahinne.yako meka ape rata.
    americawata puka dunnata un meka hadan na yako.wesige puthala okkoma ahagain keri ballo.thopila wage suddanta puka dena api lasthi na yako.26th wenida api oppu karala penanam.api dinawane ape rata.

    1. Anna machung umbata job ekak reserve karala thiyenawa Rajya Bhasha Departhmenthuwe. Umbe Raja dinuwa gaman devi.

      1. ane moda pako thota bhawa jokeda.mona karanada thope niwata kamata.2002 puka dune kawda norweta.thope wesa ranil.kotiyata puja karana haduwe e wesige putha.thoth e ralatama hariyana moda yakek.thopi wage kalu suddho enakal me rata hadana be yako.hitapiyaw rata gana.

  12. Are you a Glutton?
    OK,this time is yours….
    VOTE S.F.

    Are you a real Sri Lankan?
    Definitely,this is your time for win our country.

    1. Sensitive leader – sanwedi nayakaya? That word has been used ad nauseum so that it has become a joke now throughout the country.

      When I went to the market, I saw vendors selling ‘sanwedi wattakka’, ‘sanwedi brinjal’, etc. 🙂

      1. huh sanwedi wattakka koheda tiyene umbalage fonsekage watteda.ela ela i’ll come to the market with you.please,show me sanwedi wattakka’, ’sanwedi brinjal’, etc. machan umbalath maru kaiwaru karayone.
        if you can show these vegetables we’ll throughout the country.
        if you couldn’t show it,ready to escape hear.
        umbala wage ewunut enawane me rate…..

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