Maithripala Sirisena’s act in Polonnaruwa

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As publicly promised by Agriculture Minister Maithripala Sirisena, he and his thugs attacked a UNP demonstration in Polonnaruwa on January 13th against government sponsored violence, the UNP said yesterday.

The UNP’s Polonnaruwa District leader, Earl Gunasekera, MP, addressing a news conference in Colombo, produced video evidence of a UPFA mob, led by Minister Sirisena, his thugs and some members of the STF, physically preventing a group of UNP demonstrators from proceeding to the 28th mile post on the Polonnaruwa road, where opposition meetings are usually held.

“A few days before Minister Sirisena led the assault on us, he publicly proclaimed that no green flag would be permitted to be displayed in Polonnaruwa. Having kept his promise on January 13th,he is now trying to get 12 of our leaders arrested, on a false charge of damaging public property”

The ‘Mahinda Chinthana’ has honoured only one of its promises and that has been in respect of unleashing violence against its political opponents, he said.

“Minister Sirisena, in an attempt to cover up his acts of terror, has forced the Polonnaruwa OIC to transfer some of his officers manning key points in the electorate,” he alleged. “The government has realised that it cannot win the Presidential Election by selling the war and shedding crocodile tears. So it has launched a campaign of violence against its political opponents. I appeal to the people to vote intelligently on January 26th. It is only then, that we can end the bloodshed and restore democracy and good governance.” from island


4 thoughts on “Maithripala Sirisena’s act in Polonnaruwa

  1. Whatever.
    I feel that some attacks on SLFP rallies were done by SLFP thugs themselves, and the “prathi parahara”s too.
    That is to get the swing votes…..
    But who knows, the JVP aren’t babies at violence you know……

    1. What do you know about JVP??? JVP is better than both currupt parties PA and UNP. SF know this well. SF knows who are true freinds of him and who are using him to come to power. You will see the power of JVP and SF after SF’s victory on the 27th. SF will send all the crooks from both UNP and PA to the correct places after the 27th. Weeravamsa don’t spread your ignorance on these blogs.

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