General Sarath Fonseka’s Mahiyanganaya Rally

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General Sarath Fonseka’s Mahiyanganaya Rally

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(17th of January, Mahiyanganaya)


11 thoughts on “General Sarath Fonseka’s Mahiyanganaya Rally

  1. SF is the best ever sri lanka…………………….. We are with u SF………….. U are our hero………… No more MR in sri lanka after 26th of january 2010

  2. Bunch of losers gather here in this blog everyday and try to pretend that SF is going to win. Have your fun till the 26th night. Beat your chest and keep telling to your to your heart that SF IS GOING TO WIN…SF IS GOING TO WIN…and enjoy that little kick until the 26th. Plain and simple truth is that SF is not going to win this election. It may be very hard to accept for you people but unfortunately the reality is that. More you get your hopes high more you going to be sad on the 27th morning so my advice is don’t get so excited about SF victory but be realistic.

    1. Hi Mr. Kamal, Are you Dumb or Plain Idiot or Both. I don’t want to reply to your comment since you will be too stupid to understand it.

      1. Mr. Kamal I don’t know who has brought you for this world hence try to realize reality
        I wont reply your bloody essay
        It’s Clear, just see the crowed
        People Need a trustful change

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