Jayasuriya on political stage prior to retiring, a bad precedent

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Arjuna Ranatunga and Hashan Tillakaratne, two former Sri Lanka cricket captains, who turned to politics, addressing the media at common Opposition Presidential Candidate, Gen. (Rtd) Sarath Fonseka’s campaign office in Colombo yesterday (Jan. 15), said some national cricketers have set a bad precedent by getting involved in politics prior to retiring from the game.

The two former cricket stalwarts are now active supporters of Gen. (Rtd) Sarath Fonseka’s Presidential election campaign.

Ranatunga and Tillakaratne were critical of Sanath Jayasuriya, another past skipper of Sri Lanka, for supporting President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the main rival of Fonseka at the Jan. 26 Presidential Poll. Jayasuriya addressed an election rally in Ambalangoda last Wednesday, pledging his support to President Rajapaksa

“By getting involved in politics while still playing for the country, some players could tend to influence the sports minister and the national cricket selectors to make certain of their place in the team. It’s not ethical or just. Such deeds set a bad precedent as upcoming cricketers might think it would be better to support the existing political regime, rather than performing well in the game so as to establish their places in the national team,” Ranatunga said.

“Jayasuriya is supporting President Rajapaksa while still playing for Sri Lanka. He, by doing so, intends to make it back to the national team,” said Tillakaratne.

Meanwhile, Tillakaratne said that he has proof of two irregular TV deals the present Sports Minister entered into resulting in a loss running into millions of rupees.

“The entire sports sector has deteriorated. There are about ten interim administrations running sports. The President is safeguarding dubious characters,” said an agitated Tillakaratne.


25 thoughts on “Jayasuriya on political stage prior to retiring, a bad precedent

  1. Bad precedent is SF’s team bribing MP Mohamad Muzamil. This stunningly event is embarrassing even for the most diehard SF supporter. When you get caught this way how can any lawyer defend a criminal like this? MP Myown Mustapha is a total idiot and not only he had lost his money and his reputation he soon will face the legal music. I will be surprise if he does not go to jail and at the trial he will say it was just not him but Ranil, Malik and Ravi they all encouraged him and gave money. This is going to be the political trial of the century. Can’t wait until these corrupted politicians go to jail.

    1. The only total idiots are those who believe Muzzamil was worth the money. All the evidence provided could have easily been ‘made’ .

    2. Also who knows if This M M Mustafa character pledged support to SF just so this kind of Drama could be staged together with muzzamil and werawansa?

    3. Shan you need your head examined. That amount of money can easily be traced. Also Wimal said they were going to use that money for the President’s campaign. Does that seem right to you? If it was a bribe, it must go to the Bribery Commision. It’s not finders keepers. Also that money needs to get investigated as to how it was earned by the Inland Revenue. These are the questions of the people and me, of the UNP.

      The Katunayake airport is getting shut down for the government cronies on the 27th. The hunt begins on the 27th. The 3rd Mission begins on the 27th. Run.

    4. Shan you bloody fool, grow a brain. You must be pretty DUMB to believe the big show that wimal and his clowns put on in their desperate attempt to trap SF. But it didn’t work. They just made themselves look like the childish clowns that they are. As SF said, he removed the dirt of terrorism and he is ready to remove the dirt in our country’s politics and get his hands dirty.

    5. Mr.Shan, what have with mr.Muzammil Mp? Do you know he is from a JVP National list? He doesn’t capable to collect at least 100 votes for SF.so why the SF party wants to Bribing him?

    6. Whether MP Muzammil has 100 votes or 1000 votes is not the issue here no. SF’s team bribed him no? And got cought with crystial clear evidence no? Now SF’s team has to face the legal music no? People with some brian and those who are not that creaz about party politics will have a question mark about SF no?

  2. You all are wrong. Sanath is multi greedy of money in spite of millions and millions money he already has. He knows he cant force in to National Cricket team as we have very good genuine allrounders and very good young opening batters now. He will be a distance memory and a bad one at that , unless he gracefully retire now. As Hashan and Arjune correctlty said he is now trying to regain his place by dirty tricks , by getting politicos to push him in. He must now realize that his days are gone and he must let youngesters to carry SriLanka forward. Go Sanath go. You were a great player and a great son of SriLanka. Dont let dirty politicos to destroy you. We still like you but remember , we dont want you back in SriLanka team as a player. For heveans sake retire now. After all you are now ripe old man and must enjoy retirement gracefully.

  3. All the comments are missing the subject of this article. Sanath is a contracted Sri Lankan Cricket Player. It’s different from politicians supporting politics, that’s expected. But players and government officials represent the country, not the president or his political agenda. This is the corrupt MR politics that we need to get rid of.

  4. I played 1st class cricket in late60s, 70s & 80s those good old days nobody dare to mix politics with sports please my dear cricketers leave the politics aside when you are representing the sri lankan national side,have selfconfidence,carrier target and discipline.please do not go after dirty,selfish politicians
    we have enough examples of past sportsmen & sportswomen who ruin their good sports carrier by involement in politics. before 40 years ago we had good politic, we had god country discipline and good politicians who did a valuable and dedicated sevice to our motherland
    Now the majority are corrupted uncivilized dirty selfish animals (politicians)

  5. sanath was a big hero in Sri lankan hearts sometimes back. when he failed in the game people said we need to give another chance to him in order to play for the country. But nw he has prooved he is not belongs to that respect and because of he knows that he cant play any more in Sri Lankan Cricket, he has selected duirty ways to save his place in Cricket.
    But nw we dont want that durty Sanath Jayasooriya to our great Sri Lankan Cricket. Now u can deserve those shit of polititions and stay with them.
    Bye for ever from our hearts and dnt come back to us as a cricket hero

  6. MR is using cricketers and artists to his campaign. I believe when you representing the national team doing politics like Sanath is ethically not good. This bad ethical behavior could effect to the Sanath’s parents as well. So please Sanath keep respect of your parents…

  7. it’s really bad for the game and for the country name… sanath is a great cricketer and fan of millions in the world… should not come to politics now and create a bad name himself… i’m sure MR family thretened him to do so.. poor sanath.

  8. Keep it up… Waste peoples’ money……. Destroy Sri Lanka’s Sports……. u do a grt job sanath ayia…. Give ur support 2 percy mahendra rajapakshe the grt thief !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. SANA i feel sad,you are a great hero,we all the srilankan respect you as well as we didnt expect this kind of thinks…
    sorry plz leave the Maharajah…

  10. Bunch of losers gather here in this blog everyday and try to pretend that SF is going to win. Have your fun till the 26th night. Beat your chest and keep telling to your to your heart that SF IS GOING TO WIN…SF IS GOING TO WIN…and enjoy that little kick until the 26th. Plain and simple truth is that SF is not going to win this election. It may be very hard to accept for you people but unfortunately the reality is that. More you get your hopes high more you going to be sad on the 27th morning so my advice is don’t get so excited about SF victory but be realistic.

  11. if this is football, jayasuriya would have been suspended and will recieve a big fine. under fifa regilations players cannot involve in any sort of political activities. i’m not sure about cricket.

  12. It is indeed a pity that even poor sportsmen are enticed and then manipulated for political gain in a very unethical manner.

    Why stoop to such low levels?

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