Dear MR, This Is Why You Should Not Be Re-Elected

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Mr .President, This is why you should not be Re-Elected.  We would like to mention 20 points out of hundreds to prove our statement. We can call these as Planned faults or errors of you and your governance.

1. Government is moving towards a dictatorship.

2. Violation of the Constitution by the President.

3. Contempt and disrespect for decisions of the Supreme Court.

4. Election laws violated by the President by ‘treating’ thousands.

5. People living in fear of the white van syndrome and the knock on the door at night. Lawlessness at an unprecedented high level.

6. Eviction Tamils from lodges and illegal detention of IDPs. Opposition MPs not permitted to visit IDPs. Will any Tamil vote for Rajapaksa?

7. Corruption rampant from top to bottom. Nothing can be done without bribes or commissions

8. Inefficiency and lack of transparency resulting in huge losses.

9. GSP+ lost due to arrogance of government. Thousands lost jobs.

10. Dissent suppressed. Those not with government branded as traitors.

11. National media, a national disgrace!

12. Media personnel abducted, assaulted, murdered. Sirasa and Leader Publications burnt. None arrested. Government stands accused.

13. Nepotism at disgraceful level. Over 250 close relatives appointed to important positions.

14. Hambantota getting favoured treatment.

15. More than 50 pledges in Mahinda Chinthanaya not fulfilled. President has lost all credibility.

16. Billions spent on maintaining ministers. Despite jumbo cabinet, economy has crashed, education a mess, scandals in health sector and crisis in agriculture.

17. Cost of living sky high. Reduction of prices and petrol an election gimmick now called ‘Fonseka bonuses.’

18. A selfish President grabbing all honours and occupying both Temple Trees and President’s House.

19. Attempt to boost image with cut-outs.

20. Entire Rajapaksa clan notorious for extravagant living at public expense.

If the incumbent President is guilty of even the first two points given above, that would be enough to impeach him or vote him out of office.


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31 thoughts on “Dear MR, This Is Why You Should Not Be Re-Elected

  1. well do you still vote for a this kind of candidate…
    there are more things that make you shouldn’t vote MR.
    lets list one by one (Very specific things)…….
    I will start..

    1. One rule for public and another for his relatives and known people…(Mervin Rupavahini and other stuff, Vas Gunawardana – SLIIT, Milinda moragoda, P.B.Jayasundara, Duminda Silva – ABC Media)

  2. While our boys give their life to get rid of the terrorists, the son-in-law of the Commander, Danuna Tillakaratne profits from every bullet fired in the war. As exclusive agent of the Pakistani arms dealer and ISI agent Ahmed Nissar (who stays rent free in Tillakaratne’s flat in Central Colombo – Tilakeratne Purchased this for 1.5 million US dollars) he gets 2cents for every bullet procured and 20$ for every shell. Add up the numbers and see how this young lad has become a multi millionaire overnight. Is this what our boys are shedding their blood for?

    Why just stop there? His company HiCorp is made up of the relatives of the Former Air force Commander, and were involved in purchase of Migs from Ukraine, uniform and telecommunication equipment from China. Food rations from Malaysia and even tank transporters from Russia. We in the armed forces hate him.

    The bugger is not only screwing the Former commander’s daughter Apsara, but the country also. A little bird tells lc that tillakaratne had a falling out with a former AVM, when he acted as the agent for the Chinese in a radar deal, bur “forgot” to pay our retired and now very unhappy AVM. Honor among thieves? Tillakaratne should also come clean on his links with his Indian Tamil partner who helps him stash away his loot

    Napolean said an army marches on its stomach. Our boys are marching on their asses as the food packs supplied by Hicorp have been found contaminated with salmonella. Just imagine trying to fire a gun, while suffering from the shits.

    Hicorp supplied ration packs, which were past their shelf life and bought cheaply from a Malaysian Tamil importer of Chinese made ration packs. While our boys lose their teeth , Tillakaratne and his friends feast on Caviar and champagne are the best restaurants in Europe and USA. Shame

    So, 40 of our best boys die and why? According to both, Brig Shavendra Silva of the 58 division and Col. Suraj Bansajayah of 58-3 brigade who were involved in the heavy fighting, and whose boys bore the brunt of the terrorists attack, the ammunition supplied by the Pakistani arms dealer Ahmed Nissar, failed to explode. At least 30% of the ammunition fired by our boys, failed to explode. So not only is Tillakaratne, making money on the bullets but now he is even party to supplying duds to our brave boys.

    Gen Fonseka while punishing his own solders for small mistakes threaten army senior officers when they did not help hicorp , Nexsel and British bourne – Companies of his son in law who made millions of dollars in commission.

    Gen Fonsekas son in law registered the companies under the name of Lakshman Wijeskara in Sri Lanka and transferred all the money in Danuna Tilakerantnes name while registering the companies in Oklahoma and Dallas, TX in USA under Danuna tilakeratne name.

    While taking all the privileges away from Army officers – Gen Fonseka influenced his own tender boards to award tenders to Hicorp which is owned by his son in law even though Hicoprp did not have any experience or any an office space available to start with. Gen Fonseka threatened officers that he will take charge them if they do not help Hicorp.

    Here are the facts.

    Hicorp submitted all false evidence to win tenders they submitted to Army, Navy, police and Air force.

    Even the bank guarantee form they submitted was fudged. Hicorp altered and printed fudged bank guarantee forms (Without the knowledge of the bank). Once this was caught by Army HQ officers and 2 Generals got involved in the matter under the influence of Gen Fonseka to cover up the issue. ( Gen Thoradeniya and Gen Mahesh senanayake and Col Rohan Wijesundara)

    Army Hq security camera system was awarded to Hicorp (Nexsel – BRITISH BORNEO DEFENCE) under the influence from then commander Gen fonseka – Hicorp has failed to implement the system as specified in the agreement but Gen Fonseka got involved and asked to pay them more money to finish the project in which hicorp and some Brigadiers who were involved in this matter made millions of rupees. Gen Fonseka gave up the security of the army HQ to a company (His son in laws company) allowing his son in law to make millions of rupees when his company had not even installed a security camera system or has an office space in Colombo! The system started to fall apart even before army made the payment to hicorp and nobody questioned this matter due to any backlash from the general.
    Col Rohan Wijesundara influenced many of the tender boards as well as issued a special pass to Randy DeHoedt to come and go as he wishes to Army Hq.

    How about the Gas mask deal you gave away to your son in law’s company?
    You influenced the tender board to award the gas mask tender to your son-in-law’s company and threatened to charge officers if they did not cooperate with his son-in-law and his manager Randy DeHoedt.

    How about millions of dollars in commission from Tanks deal?
    You asked your D-Plans to work directly with your son-in-law and not any other party.

    How about the commission from satellite deal?
    Your son in laws company still supply satellite images to Sri Lanka army and made millions of dollars in commission

    How about the commission from Uniforms and boots?
    You awarded the boots and uniform tender to your son in law’s company who represented as an agent for Brig Tilakeratne’s company (your son-in-law’s father’s company)

    How about the commission from MBR?

    How about the commission from your own Mercedes Benz?

    How about commissions from Mig deal?

    How about communication equipments deals from Brg Bashir and NRTS?

    How about the commissions from the composes your son-in-law supplied to army?

    Hicorp provided false bank guarantee certificates other affiliation documents with most of the tenders they submitted and when army HQ offices caught this one time Gen Fonseka got involved to cover this up and even transferred some offices to other isolated places. Even today at army HQ most of the documents available that Hicorp – British Bourne and nexsel submitted with tenders are altered and false. For submitting false documentation you can arrest Lakshman Wijesekara and Randy Dehoedt. When you question them you will find out who gave those instructions and all the details of Gen Fonseka’s Wrong doings.

    1. i have a question…
      If there is a secretary of defense(Who is in charge of administration) why GR let SF get commissions from all these deals. SF was the head of operations. Not administration and purchasing bullets you idiot.

      1. you idiot, why don’t your jerk rajapaksa come for a open debate with the General as he has invited for a open debate on this matter.

        Everyone please go out and vote to get rid off this corrupt partisan selfish crook home.

    2. And the Pvt Co Mr GR formed where a realtion of the clan is the Head just looked up and waited till all this happened? The little “Podi Malli” didin’t even get cry for his 10%???? Oh, just go men and tell all this to kondey bandapu cheennu!
      Whatever party you maybe, have your facts staright and talk, then just maybe , we will stop and listen! Look at papers and news of BOTH sides, then we, the actual sufferers of all this will winn in the end.
      Don’t just follow blindly like what our fore fathers did saying “kepauwath ema patamai”.

    3. Mr.Sanka,

      We as UPFA, were the most obedient of all, and now we had changed all the things all around. They had clearly proved that FONSEKA & his family has no connection with HICORP (pvt) Ltd in sri lanka and the u.s HICORP. And also we as UPFA are slinging mud at the opposition even after TNA exposed that our UPFA is not practical enough to get together, and now we are making it a big racial issue. Please, my dear fellow UPFA supporters, please stop this. because now I had noticed that many votes are changing towards them, the more mud we sling at them. Lets stop mud slinging and lets protect our winning votes, even the remaining tamil & muslim votes. We are going to win, but if we continue this mud slinging every one may turn against us, even UPFA might lose a voter like myself, where my generation is from the UPFA. And now UPFA is getting worse, and I have lost confidence in our President, and its turning out sour. PLEASE STOP MUD SLINGING AND LETS PROTECT THE REMAINING UPFA VOTES!!! PLEASE!!!!!PLEASE!!!!

      1. LOL.. you are UPFA?? my ass. You are just another uneducated donkey who would lick Fonseka’a ass . I doubt you are even old enough to vote. LOL…

    4. If MR wins again I better go to another country and earn. I cant pay these thieves taxes anymore. The country is going from bad to worse. But thankfully it seems he is loosing :D.

    5. if Mr.Danuna and SF earned profits, the opposition would definitely have made it a big issue..from the other hand, if MR and Gota didnt know abt these things, how the hell they can identify the other Ministers who steal money..
      so stop arguing like an idiot in public..because this is not the place to show how stupid you are

      you idiot, why don’t your jerk rajapaksa come for a open debate with the General as he has invited for a open debate on this matter.

      Everyone please go out and vote to get rid off this corrupt partisan selfish crook. LETS SEND HIM home on 26th.

  3. KP has amassed wealth all over the world, most of it in Thailand. MR is not going to get in the good books of the EU or the US. So to have and make money he has to be a part of KP’s businesses. Namal’s smiley face in the photograph with Emil Kanth is proof of the discussions. If MR wins KP will go free to earn more money through drug and illegal weapon trade. And Namal is going to collect the blood monies from Emil Kanth. There you go. Sri Lanka becomes the pariah of the world, a hub for drugs and illegal weapons.
    Thathatai Puthatai Hetak.

  4. Sanka open your eyes and read the article. Still the General is clean. Where are the charges? Why wait till the election? Unlike “Helping Hambantota”, if there are genuine chargers against him you can file charges after he is elected President. We who are about to vote him in to office will vouch your safety if you have chargers against him. MR is guilty by turning a blind eye on Lasantha Wickrematunge’s death to protect the killers and he must go. Nobody has filed charges against Gen. Sarath Fonseka in the court of law there fore He deserves a chance.

    1. “Still the general is clean”
      That “still” is what I’m bothered about
      Even if all this is election mud and the general is really clean that “still” it is no measure of how he is going to behave once he gets power.
      For that you must find how he behaved earlier or look at what he’s doing.

      People are talking of the general as if he’s a saint
      At any rate this is a quick tempered military general mind you.

      And you guys want to change the constitution by this guy also.

      Some are talking of giving the general power to clean up the system ie send people to jail without courts or with rushed up court cases
      all 3 powers to one man???

      If this were some other country I’d laugh at the stupidity..but

      1. True & agree! BUT< he will definitely be the
        lesser evil of the two as MR is now beyond
        correction thanks to his Brothers! I don't
        think anyone can stop corruption by the Govt
        now as that has got ingrained into them. With
        hope, we can stop that happenning to SF.
        WE CAN ONLY HOPE, yes, but we prefer that now!

  5. So what did Lanka Logistics do? Let someone else collect a commission. Look at Sarath Fonseka’s house for Lord Budha’s sake.

  6. what a pity! Still Slavery is going on in Sri lanka! see the arguments of Sanka (the same)Sanka from which planet are you,what a weak mentality?Even Slaves have senses unfortunately Robots like Sankas are every where in Sri lanka, Thats why MR Junta still ruling this country…this CURSE WON’T BE CONTINUED>>>

  7. I don’t know how you guys got so blind. Even the big people in this common alliance are worried as to how to make Fonseka live upto his promises.

    many people here as I understand are voting Fonseka because they can’t stand mahindas monopoly..
    But what guarantee do you have that Fonseka won’t do the same thing.

    Does Fonseka have any principles? has he shown any ?
    Talks don’t matter
    WHAT has he shown(by actions) in this little time.

    *he will destroy anything to get his personal revenges(look at the surrender case, didn’t care what happened to the country, army. Either he understood it insults the army later (less likely) or didn’t care. Both things are not suitable for the leader of the country)

    *he’s willing to do anything to get power(when mahinda sacked him he went against him, he’s hooked all the notorious characters in the opposition that he himself despises, goes for a deal with sambandan even )

    Something which states a clear absence of Fonseka’s principles is that releasing the people in detention camps.Fonseka was the guy who opposed releasing these people saying doing this now is risky And he started to shift the blame to Mahinda.

    However badly you guys want to believe otherwise Fonseka is just another power hungry man who will do anything to get and maintain power. Open your eyes and see this truth.

    mahinda already does much much than what Fonseka will do when he comes to the real world and understands the price of maintainning power, Fonseka too has to make the ministors and mp’s happy or go home, and I’m sure he will make the MP’s happy than mahinda.

    wishing for things doesn’t make them come true
    Fonseka is no saint,he’s just another power hungry politician.
    Still the better option is mahinda
    he’s competent, experienced and has shown great results for 4 years.
    Don’t even talk about corruption He just finished a war. A war is costly and has many many underhand expenses.It is said that JR paid for israle military advisors through Mahawaliya…

    Ending a war is like ending a river of money you can bathe in but he did it….
    I will wait and see what mahinda will do in the next term after all Ranil said that the war was a farce too.:P

  8. Sanka. get your facts right men!!
    even pachawansa did not accused that SF made bucks with bullets..only some 30 million Rs deal to get some non weaponry stuff and still that hicorp has nothing to do his son in laws hicorp. do not sling mud you sick ppl (like sanka). use your puny brain to do a bit of reasoning..

  9. i understood the fact that this government is crazy from the very beggining.

    will keep curruption, bribary, vioulance aside. will forget about rajapaksha and comany for a while. media, vioulation of the constitution, human rights, public funds mis-use etc etc for a while.

    im a youg girl of 21 (a law student) and i wil talk about the manner in which this government presurize females and the youth.

    this government tryed to impliment a law prohibitting girls wearing trousers. ( thats what we have hurd one
    and half years a go ).. now y is this ???. to protect the culture of Sri lanka?. It s a utter disgrace that the a government of a SIVILIZED county thin
    k about such a thing.

    why did the government ( say mr. MR) try such funney things ?. simply to win a voet bolck. he doent care the halm to the society, to entire female genaration.

    Who knows that Mr. MR will bring a law next time to make sure females cant go to schoo. cant work, cant go alone in streets, etc etc.


    The governmnet try to cover all alchohol and sexual related things form media. even adults only film were bane. i have seen 1000 of girls been ragged and sexually (verbally) harresed in universities by the name of ragging.

    girls were asked to give public speached about their sexual experiences, conut number of hair grown in their sexual organs and etc etc..

    the govenment so concerned about culture, couldnt top it at all.. we new what happened in university of peradeniya, kelaniya, jayawardenapura? y is the govenment promte ragging at universities (both direct and indirect ways ). to gain political gains, while their children studing in foreign universities..

    private prostitution is not illegal in sri lanka. lets forget about it. can u go in a three weeler with your broter atleast? the police will stop it and inquir where arw you going and what for.

    as it is stated in the penal code/ a gir

  10. according to the penal code a girl above 16 can give concent for sexual intercourse.. it is human need..
    but y is the government arresting young couples saying “illegal couples” ?? if they are above 16 years, the government has nothing to do with it..
    hipocratic government ! and we all knw what they are doing and the way their son s behave..

    these are not just neglectable things. trying to cotrol personal lives of the public is so dangerous..
    some one with a little knowlegde can undestand how serious this is.. signes of dictatorship is visible from MR but not from SF.

    last presidential election i also contributed in MR’S victory.. but i cant do it again. because i lovemy country, i need a better contry for my children. not AFFGANISTAN. pleae THINK ABOUT THIS.. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE.



    • Hedging Deal – Petroleum Chairman – Asantha De Mel – Exam passed ‐ None– Cricketer‐ Shiranthi’s relation – losses to Sri Lanka Rs. 230 Billion ( Rs. 230,000 Million) Chairman lost his job by virtue of a supreme Court order. The S.C. order to sell petrol at Rs.100 not complied yet (current price of a Petrol liter is Rs 130/‐)

    • Loss on National Carrier Air Lanka for 2007‐2008Rs. 10,000 Million(10 Billion) – Chairman Nishantha Wicremasinghe(Shiranth Rajapaksha’s Brother) –Exam Passed O/L… See More

    • Loss on Mihin Air for 2007‐2008 Rs. 4,000 Million (4 Billion) – Chief Executive Mahinda’s Sajin Vas Gunawardena – Exam passed GCE O/L

    • New 2008 Budget allocation for Mihin Air Rs. 1,000 Million (1 Billion)

    • Air port project Weerawila cancelled. Initial cost on feasibility study Rs 500 Million.

    • Mig Deal – through “King’s cousin” Udayanga Weeratunga (Exam passed – GCE O/L Sri Lankan Ambassador – Russia ‐ purchase of 4 Mig fighters which were not air worthy from Belimissa holdings at a price Rs. 400 Million more than the last published price.

    • All defense purchases through Lanka Logistics ‐ Chief Executive Officer Jayantha Wicremasinghe – Exam passed GCE O/L– Mahinda’s Sister Gandhini’s Brother in Law the owner of ‘Akuressa Palace’ (also Chairman Bank of Ceylon Gamini Wicremasinghe’s Brother.)

    • VAT Scam – Loss to the Country Rs. 35,000 Million. (Rs. 35 Billion) Inland Revenue Department – Minister of Finance – Mahinda Rajapaksha

    • Hanbantota Man made Safari Park to be created at a cost of Rs. 16,000 Million (1.6 Billion) This makes no sense as the Natural Safari Park is next door in Yala.

    • Kerawalapitiya power plant cost US $ 400 Million. Actual cost US $ 200 Million. Planned for 300 Mega Watts built for 200 mega watts.

    • Kerawalapitiya power plant. (Additional Losses) Cost per day to CEB Rs 70 million. Per year Rs 25, 550 Million (25.5 Billion) Initial agreed purchasing price per unit Rs 18. Current purchasing price Rs 40/‐ Loss to the CEB from a unit Rs 22/‐

    • Uma Oya Project.‐ projected value US$ 265 Million enhanced value US $ 545 Million. Increase of US$ 280 Million. Rs. 28 Billion ( Rs. 28,000 Million). Two reservoirs that are built have an extent of only 50 acres. Victoria project has an extent of 7,500 acres. Minister–Chamal Rajapaksha – President’s brother

    • Cabinet of Ministers have approved purchase of 35 Gantry Cranes at a price US $ 600,000 higher than the last purchase price. This purchase has not been effected yet. (Minister in Charge; Chamal Rajapaksa‐ President’s brother)

    • Contract signed with Dilhan Wicremasinghe Shiranthi’s brother’s son (Chairman Air Lanka) to supply branded computers to all divisional Secretariats at a cost of US $ 16 Million (price per computer Rs. 150,000/=). He supplied all unbranded computers which are available at unity plaza at Rs. 50,000/=. Amount robbed Rs. 1,200 Million


    • Hedging deal-Robbed and wasted amount Rs. 230,000 M 230 B
    • Air Lanka-Wasted and robbed amount Rs. 10,000 M 10 B
    • Mihin Air-Wasted and robbed amount Rs. 5,000 M 5 B
    • Mig Deal-Robbed amount Rs 4,00M 0.4 B
    • Weerawila Air Port-Wasted amount Rs 500M 0.5 B
    • VAT Scam-Robbed amount Rs. 35,000 M 35 B
    • Safari Park-Wasted amount Rs. 16,000 M 16 B
    • Kerawalapitiya

    Robbed amount Rs. 23,000 M 23 B
    • Uma Oya project-Robbed amount Rs. 28,000 M 28 B
    • Computers for divisional-Robbed amount Rs. 1,200 M 1.2 B
    • Purchase of Gantry-Cranes total amount robbed Rs. 24,150 M 24 B
    • Fly Over contracts-Total amount robbed Rs. 3,500 M 3.5 B
    • Kerawalapitiya-(Additional Losses)-Robbed amount Rs 25,550M 25.5B
    • Road Development in-North amount robbed Rs. 28,000 M 28 B
    Rs. 430,300 M 430.3 B

    Even after read this u support to MR & if vote to MR its equal to what? What will happen to the country?
    Its your Decide……Its up to u.
    So this is last chance what v got & If u vote for SF definitely v cn get these money back from under the rules.
    So u decide.

    Really if u r lover of SL , our country, our Nation then u will definitely vote for SF & will make a change.

    Dear Frnds,My Message bt its ur Choice Lif is hard under the Rajapaksas.Corruption, Bribery,Nepotism & ego-boostings extravagance is holding back the develpment of our country & hurting families.Now wit the war over resources r avalabl for devlopmnt.Bt instead of adresing people need the Rajapaksas are interested in themselves.Sri-Lanka is at crossroads.On 26th You have a choice.Before u vote for MR U thnk abt ur self, abt ur pockets & ur country


    The Real Lover Of SL.Then what abt u?

    Small Calculation

    Sf equal to Real lover of SL whle Mr Equal to Real Major Robber of SL.

    So lets u decide SF or MR & u cn do another work as a True Lover of SL forward this mail to ur frnds.

    Again thnx
    You have a choice on 26th

  12. People today are disgusted with this government. Mahinda gives his toothpaste smile while the brothers and his goons do the killing. Today only the Kapuwath UPFA supporters are left. I am ready to take a chance with SF as I know for sure that with MR we are finished as he has proved his case against him.

  13. just look at the current situation. onlose who benifit from the government is supporting MR. the majority, depressed is with genaral. brothers, sisters pleASE understand this…

    look, why all these acadamics ( inclding university profesors ) , are going “kade” for MR.. they knw, there, advisor posts, commisions are going to come to an end with this..

    last time i also voted for MR with hope. please if you love this country, and you have no idea to revenge sri lanka., vote for SF and will protect our children and their future..

    Nihal lawathuwala

    retired banker

  14. my final conclusion is BOTH R EQUALLY CORRUPT!!
    BUT… as d saying goes.. “experience makes best”
    and MR has had enuf tym in office .. giv him mo tym n he’ll onli develop his crime strategies and get worse…
    if SF wins he’ll b jst beginnin wid crimes probably equal to MR… n den before he can get worse at d very nxt presidential elections v vote for anodr leader…
    all v can do nw is cross our hearts n hope to god at d end of SF’s term in office v’ll hv found d ryt candidate for president… ;D

  15. i am an attorny at alw and i had the oppertunity to participate in MR’ s dinner for layers at temple trees.

    what we have hurd is MR is against liquir.. but we were given BEER, WINE,AND VISKY. is this what u call
    ”mathata thitha” ???

    i could imagine about the cost of that dinner.
    beer + visky + Vine .. all sort of meet and food.. grnad dinner it was.. and around 10 000 water bottles..

    mobile toilets, music group and many more !

    and we got to knw that govt.teachers etc were given low treatments.. with just pasty s and water bottles.

    anyhow, who is sending for all these?
    it is u and me !
    our funds, at the end of the day !|

    attorny at law

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