Exposed Last trump card of MR (II)

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The MR camp have already contracted Wachalawansha to sling mud on General using 3 women, Kukul Ilangamge, Mossammil’s case. If the plan A fails to attract 1.2 million new votes, wave 2 will be start from this week by killing ilangamge, hudaa or morvin… will try to point the finger towards SF.

Plan C would be a contracted killing, Namul met the Emil Kanthanwa with the supervision of Gota and Busil… They don’t have a trust on Karuwa or Puillian after the Sevagitha’s switch over. They wanted to bring down some of the LTTEe pistol gang members from Germany else from Canada. This is to attack the last rally of the General..

If the plan C fails… Gota will operate a charter plane from Singapore. This will lands at Kutunayake. The earlier the plan was to bring it don to Ruthmalana but they don’t have a trust over the Air Porce officials at RuthmalanaSTeF will give the cover for MR and the Gang upto Katunayake air field. Charter plane will leave to UAE avoiding Indian air space (without landing).

This is the Cheap state of politics in siri lonka today. Shouldn’t we change this? Is this what we want? You decide.

story of siri lonka, words in green ;) product

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12 thoughts on “Exposed Last trump card of MR (II)

  1. I’m a total supporter of SF. But in this article I’m still thinking how could one operate a flight to UAE (DXB) avoiding the Indian Airspace. If a normal commercial passenger flight flies to Dubai from Colombo, first it will enter the Chennai airspace (VOMF) and then it’ll enter Bombay airspace(VABF)before entering to Muscat (OOMM). Still thinking how this could happen… My dear friends… correct this info before somebody from Uruwansa comes and pin point us..

    1. A flight from Sri Lanka to UAE, Oman & Yemen does not enter Indian Airspace. These flights come under the direct surveillance of Muscat, Dubai & Abu Dhabi airports. Flights to Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran & Pakistan enters Indian airspace. Flights to Jeddah also directly connect to Muscat during Haj season.

  2. What the hell is this??? Dzone, are you assuming everyone is retarded like you. Dude,get off whatever you are on and try to get a proper job like everyone else or try to use your skills for something meaningful. That is of course if you are not getting paid from that crazy LTTE Diaspora.

      1. Is this what you define as “truth” my friend? 99.9% people who read this article will say, this is “rubbish’! but then again there are idiots like you who falls into that 0.1% (“TOTAL IDIOTS”) catagory and really beleive this as truth and nothing but the truth.

      2. So since the plan is leaked out, I dont think they will stick on to this cheap tactic anymore. Then obviosly it will look as rubbish. But if ever they do it, then You will know what the real story is.

        Btw, Gota is nomore in SL.

  3. ok this is yet to be confirmed by trusted sources but 5 media heads i.e: Anusha Pelpita, Mahinda Abeysundara, Hudson, Anura Siriwardana and Sudarman Radaliya have all obtained Australian visas…. and now i see this bit of news…what connects the dots??

  4. Present regime must denied such arrangements. How? First all flights in and out should be stopped from 26 to 27 by the government. This could be easily done by closing the nations airport on that days.!!

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