Complaint against Fonseka’s son-in-law withdrawn

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The complaint against Sri Lankan Presidential candidate General Sarath Fonseka’s son-in-law Danuna Tillakeratne over a weapons deal has been withdrawn by the CID, the candidate said on Wednesday.

Gen. Fonseka told at a meeting with the Tamil and Muslim business community this morning that his son-in-law didn’t go to the CID office as summoned because he was informed that the complaint had been withdrawn and there was no necessity to call over at the CID office for an inquiry.

“CID officials have found out that there is no basis for the allegations (over a weapons contract),” he said. Government politicians have claimed that Tillkeratne, who lives in the US, won some defence contracts while Gen Fonseka was the army commander.

Gen Fonseka said police and other authorities are gradually showing reluctance to carry out, what he described as, ‘illegal orders’ because there was a swing in the support for him across the country. from Times Online


6 thoughts on “Complaint against Fonseka’s son-in-law withdrawn

  1. Now, now, look at the situation.

    * it is a time of much political heat before a crucial election.
    * the government/police were unaware of all this for years on end until now.
    * the allegations were so serious, unprecedented in our country.
    * if the allegations were true, they involve not only massive amounts of money but even the territorial intergrety of the country.(it is, in fact,
    high treason.)
    * the police, having sufficient reason, and as provided by law, commence investigations.
    * the suspect is then called upon to be present at the CID in order to record his statement.
    * suddenly, the CID informs the suspect, just the following day, no, the allegations against you are dropped, no need to be be present as summoned.
    * the allegations have been, still are, and continue to be, talked of at political platforms in favour of the incumbant President.

    Now, Please don’t call this a joke. It is far more serious a matter than a joke.

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