Beware! You are watching 1994 rallies of Chandrika

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Presidential Senior Advisor and the Campaign Organizer Basil Rajapakse has ordered rally organizers not to permit any of the media institutions to cover the rallies in the event that those rallies are with poor attendance and instructed the Presidential Media Unit to cover such rallies and provide edited versions of the rallies coverage to media institutions.

According to these instructions, the first such event covered by the Presidential Media Unit was the rally held at Maligapitiya Grounds in Kurunegala and the Presidential Media Unit provided recorded (and edited) version of the coverage to the media institutions.

However, technical drawbacks in the process of editing have revealed that the Presidential Media Unit has used video clips of 1994 Presidential Election rallies of Chandrika Kumaratunga and this has aroused suspicions amongst the media institutions as to the authenticity of the coverage of the event.

Therefore, some of the private media institutions are now showing a banner statement on television screens to the effect that the video clips of the coverage are provided by the Presidential Media Unit (click the picture to zoom) in large, bold letters.


37 thoughts on “Beware! You are watching 1994 rallies of Chandrika

    1. Only the Donskeys like Dzone (Danuka Peries) and Fonseka’s ass lickers believe stories like like this. Can you see a single red flag on MR rallies??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Would Derana or Swarnavahini also telecast Chandrika’s rally clips?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Chandrika’s rallies had red flags because disgraced JVP was licking Chandrika’s ass back then.

      Gonseka’s defeat is certain so they come up with all this useless and pointless childish stories. How low , a once a war hero could go. He certainly had become a low life dog by spreading pointless childish stories like this.

      And the irony is there are a bunch of donkeys who believe anything tha comes out of that trashy garbage mouth of Fonseka. I cant wait for another 5 days to chase this fonseka and his goons out of my country. Maybe to Thamilnadu, where they belong with their LTTE buddies. Uggggggg… I just want to kill you all scumbags.

      1. Gamage – then what the reason for editing those videos?? if you watching news telecasts of private media, you can realize the different between 2 video frames 😀

      2. Gamage you dumb idiot. JVP supporteed CBK only in 2004 you dumb shmuck, how can you find red flags in 1994???? are all MR bootlickers as dumb as you?

      3. Gamage you need your head examined. The JVP aligns always with the poor and working class. They supported CBK because they hate the UNP for killing their leader and for economic policies. At the same time JVP never strays from their principles that is, support the working/poor class. Since they hated UNP they supported MR in 2005. They gave MR some conditions that is go to war with LTTE, abolish CFA, demerge North and East and abolish executive presidency. In case you were not holed up somewhere foreign you know what happened. MR got to liking his newly found power and rather than full fill the promises to JVP he invited them to join the government. Now the JVP joined but still pestered MR about those conditions. JVP split from government in 2008 but still refrained from voting in the budget because if they had voted against it MR could not have gone ahead with the war. (one of JVP conditions: to finish the war) The JVP has stuck with their principles.
        Now the JVP wants somebody to abolish the executive presidency so that a suitable person will the job rather than a family member. The 17th amendment and the “Freedom of information act” as stated in Fonnie’s Manifesto will fix corruption and the police will serve us rather than begging them to do their job.
        You should want to vote for Sarath Fonseka for those two promises alone. If he doesn’t come through the JVP will break away from him.
        Do you believe the JVP who fought with MR to abolish the CFA, de-merge North and East and expedite the war is going to stand by watch Fonseka revert all that? If you do, you need your head checked.


    1. SF Clean Leader??? May be in another planet:

      Kuma, Clean and ethical leaders don’t do things like the followings:

      1) Asking the government to bear the full tuition cost of his two daughters while they were studying in the States.
      2) Requesting a special vehicle worth over 40million.
      3) When government decides to give 10 perch land as a gift to all three service commanders asking 5 additional perches initially and extra 5 more subsequently. Apparently, this land is worth over 200 million rupees.
      4) Asking the government to pay the 2.2 million personal phone bills to the US.
      5) Even though he may have not have built a house in Sri Lanka his children have massive houses in Texas and Oklahoma.
      6) Approving tenders forwarded by his son-in-law while SF being the head of the Tender Board.
      7) Call people “PARAYA”,Katu Balla,KALAWEDDA’ in public.
      8)Betray the same commanders who he fought together, ate together and praised together about six months back just to get into power.

      SF is a total liar and very mean and very angry dishonest man.

      Just to prove how much he lie, the other day he said Dullas Alahappermua and he was in the same class and Dullas was a lazy guy even those days. But the truth is Dualls is 12 years younger than SF and they were never in school together. Kuma ,How much one need to lie, and one need to go low to be a clean leader in your world???

      Kuma, if you going to call SF a clean leader what are you going to call a true honest clean sincere person??????

      1. you are talking about SF because he is now Entered in to politics.if he haven’t will you level these aligations?
        do you know how much money our ministers are wasting on telephone bills,vehicle,forign you think they are using there come wimal and familay goes to disny land in us if he is getting only mp salary.
        SF needs he needs a good condition bullet proof vehicle.government should’s a responcibility of our government.MR is having 2000 persons for security.he also should be protected.there might be pocked of recistance of ltte mighte be remaining.some times they will try some revenge attacks on MR,SF, they all should be protected.
        on politics all will you think mr is not lieing?
        we need a petriot who loves the country and low should prevail in the country.jvp,pa,unp or else all should be punished if found partial treatements.then only our mother land should blossom in future.

      2. Why bother.Wait until 27th.MR was nothing before 2005.JVP,Mangala and Sripathi put him in the seat.Also LTTE supported hugely.Now,MR felicitates only LTTEers but others.MR is a real gimmick.He would do anything to be in the power.He and 391 bastards should be punished by SF or God.Shame on them

    2. Low should prevail in the country. Yes, that is why we have a such a low level man, who shout in filth in public,lie through every corner of his mouth, talk only about hate and reveange, has come forward to represent 18 million people as a leader. How much more low can we go.

      1. A little confused here. Did you mean law in the first sentence?
        If it is what has happened to law and order under our self proclaimed king (sangvedi nayakaya)?
        Any assaults and murder of Journalists conducted properly?
        Thugs given ministerial portfolios? (Mervin, Duminda, Maithri) Ironic isn’t it, the name of Maithripala Sirisena?
        Any corruption investigated thoroughly? (cope, vat, more to come under SF rule)
        As the Defence Minister, he must defend the people, territory and the assets of its people.
        Do you firmly believe he has done his job? War was handled by the Defense secretary so that is no excuse for the murders on the streets and looting of taxpayers money.
        What sayeth thou?

  2. 1) The least the govt can do to safeguard the children of the commander while he’s conducting military operations.
    2) The vehicle was provided after the bomb attack. Even if it was a request that’s how much a bullet proof car costs. I don’t think he had a choice too. Gota pocketed the commission.
    3)10 perch land to the service commanders? Are you kidding? They should empty bank accounts to them. SF will ensure that after being elected of all ill-gotten money.
    4)It’s the government that had that deal with him, no point complaining now. He was conducting a war then and the government thought he should have all the tools including personal calls to the US. 2.2 million hardly believable. May be on a SAT phone. If the LTTE had SAT phones don’t you think the ARMY should have better ones.
    5) Yeah massive on google maps!! pretty average to me. I’ve been in Kansas, Houston, Dallas and St. Louis. Have you seen Basil’s with a pool.
    6) Lanka Logistics was incorporated to stop commissions going to private citizens/companies. Mr. Danuna (son-in-law) was turned away from the CID when he came to record a statement. What does that say? Fear of someone spilling the beans?
    7) What would you call a person when they call your mom a whore (I am sure she’s a nice lady)?
    8)The same commanders are lining up to throw mud at him. Sarath Fonseka has a good line up of politicians to advise him. The JVP, Mangala and Sripathi made Mahinda President. What did they get for their hard work? Some greedy JVPers got bought, Sripathi got killed and Mangala kicked to the curb. I think they are ready for a payback.

    Give up!!!

    Join with us. We’ll make this country where you I have equal rights.

    1. Why didn’t the other commanders in the field like Shavendra, Prasana Silva,Kamal Gunaratne,Nandana Udawatte,Navy commander, Air force commander and past commanders who gave their lives for motherland did not ask for these perks, privileges, money and power. You could twist your words as much as you want and brag about SF as much as you want. But many people don’t see the way you see SF anymore. Stop blaming the government for that it is SF’s own doing that brought him to this low level.

      By the way, I have no intention of joining your stinky “LTTE/TNA/JVP/Mano/Ranil/Hakeem” gang that spent every minute of the last 18 months hoping and praying and dreaming that my country will lose the war and Prabakaren will prevail so each of them can make claim to different s parts my country that I love so much.

      1. Why do you think the LTTE coined the phrase “Sly fox” at Ranil? They also supported MR in 2005 by asking the Tamils not to vote. LTTE knew if they did vote, they would vote Ranil hands down. Think of that logic for a second.
        You say Ranil was going to carve out a piece to the LTTE and the tamils. But the LTTE prevented Tamils from voting even in Colombo. Ranil’s only intention was to dismantle the LTTE by the CFA without shedding blood. Internationally LTTE was getting cornered to come to a settlement. So by not allowing the Tamils to vote that became a vote for our dear MR. So the LTTE supported MR’s election. I don’t know why? (please sing)
        Please someone shed some light on this further.

  3. Poor Senator this is your knowledge as a Sri Lankan, People say its correct Sri Lankan s are idiots they dont accept the good things they always want to argue and win no matter if its false, anyway SF newer robbed he asked from the government what to do for him and he should desearve those things, he sacrifice his life to our mother land he truely desearve what he asked he should have asked for more but he didnt, in USA anyone can own a house paying monthly and who ever lives if they are educated and have a good knowledge they can always get well paid jobs and live a good life, even a sri lankan kid knows about it. Poor Senator before saying things first think to your self about the country not your pocket, think about the future of your kids and family memebers not about making people king, this is about us we need a change we should not fight to support MR or SF we should always be selfish and think about us and we should always do the right thing for us, so lets use our brain this time and bring a good leader to our country to make it a paradise on earth, I respect our president MR he is a good leader but he failed people who was surrounded by him ate the country and still he is with those culprits, do you know how many people are eating only one meal a day and adjust with plain tea and water, just go to village area and talk to those poor people and see how they suffer, this kinda of thing never happened in our country before, Mr Senator do you think our present president can develope this country where he failed to do it for last four years? oh god pls advance our people in knowledge,

    1. Mindika, People like you are a waste of space. Absolutely no substance and your ideology screams for intelligence. Typical uneducated and underage Fonseka supporter. 5 more days buddy… you scums are history.

      1. Unlike you we love dissenting views. It makes us prepared to have a debate. Mahinda deserves credit for finishing the war, may be a statue or plaque in remembrance but that’s it. We have fallen behind the rest of the region in development because of the war. We cannot hand the entire country to the Rajapakses as a token of thanks. That’s all we’re saying. The UNP with all the diplomatic ties and foreign investors who’d want to plunder our resources and the JVP checking and balancing them by going on strike and threatening the President Sarath Fonseka to intervene and stop the UNP from selling out is a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Because what do every economists want Check and Balances. The Ying and the Yang. The good, the bad and the ugly (sandanaya). We need them too. That’s what makes us human we must accommodate everybody even the slow ones. No offence to the disabled please.

    2. MINDIKA.Prabakaran was absolutily right.he knew our sinhalese people forget the pass very soon.we all haveto respect army navy air force and police.not the gready ,politiccas.where so called Democracy.not to worry THE BEST IS YET TO COME. ====YIELD======.good luck.

  4. The difference between two frames …., only in ponseka fools minda can they make such a stupid story …..same as they do not belive sf is corrupt …when all the evidence points to other wise …..and idoits on this site said complaints against danuna was dropped ….idoits , simply he did not turn up at cid….igonatant bastard ponseka supporters would eat anything up if ponseka provides them ..even it is shit

  5. Hey guys,, when you go through the comments,
    MR supporters could be easily recognized by the language they use. anybody who go agianst their RAjano are Ponnayas…what is this joke.. Ranil ponnaya… Sarath Ponseka… Raja thamai wada karaya…Shameless buggers. Rajagey hobby eka election kaaleta meyalawa andana eka….meyalath epa nokiya hondhata andinawa.. just because he wears a sarong these fools think he is the only deshapremiya in this country.. he is the biggest traitor…Can some of these deshapremiyos tell me WHRE KP is?????WAR eka dinapu Sarath FOnseka deshadrohiya….aranthalawey minissu marapu Karna and pilliyan Deshapremiyo…..onna andilla…………

  6. E prashnayata apay sahodarayanta uththara naha. kanagaatui. bayayie apita moda wadak karaida kiyala. Minissunta balahath karaya pennenena eka nemai wadey (uddaya) katha bahen samagiyakata ena eka thamai uthum (cfa).

  7. We will provide free Head check up for Robotic Chintana Slaves after 27th at Independence Square.Gamage and his colleagues are welcome….lol

  8. Hey Stupid SF Supporters,
    If you don’t believe about the Crowd gather in MR’s Rally s,
    then just go around and see one place…
    You all know that SF’s meetings don’t have that much of gatherings.
    So don’t be jealous about the others.
    People of this country won’t get fooled by “KOTI SIRASE” Videos any more.That has happend long time ago…
    Even i was there in MR’s KURUNEGALA rally. It was over 100,000. So dn’t get fooled. People will show who they love most @ 26th.
    You Will Understand the Truth then. But it will be too Late

    1. well obviously when people are given lunch packets, drink bottles & some money along with that to get into a bus & go to some where a rally or meeting is held,they tend to go because it doesn’t cost them fact they get paid for what they are doing..if your stupid enough to believe that large crowds gather for those stupid meetings, where politicians with no substance talk crap, your sadly mistaken!! who wouldn’t go for a free meal or too & some pocket money!! wonder why any other media, apart from the so called government media is not allowed to go & witness or video any of those so called large gatherings!! to be precise, the ones who shout to make their presence felt have no substance in their speeches what so ever!!
      and for your information people(postal votes) have already been deprived of their right to vote for their preferred candidate!! they have been threatened & looked at while they were casting their votes !! where is the so called “democracy” is this country!!!???? the funniest part is when Gammanpila admits that their has been corruption in the government for the past few years, some others of the government still denies it!!

  9. hi evey one, chk the video once again, one person holding “chandrika Bandaranayake” named flag on hand I clearly saw. check that out

  10. please vote for the country.Not for parliment buriyani. these headless politiccas waiting for three meals.they eat earn.kill innocent poor people.
    we”ll make this country where you I have equal rights.

  11. We must pay our mercy on fools. You can save the honour of our motherland in few days.Sarath Fonseka -Next Sri Lankan President

  12. Sarath Fonseka -Next Sri Lankan President We can clearly see the difference in the enthusiasm levels in both camps. Who has been drawing record crowds at public meetings and who has been using State buses to bring people from all over the island but still can’t compete with our crowds.

  13. I like to see Mahinda’s maharagama rally….. any one got clips. i got to know that Kanthi Koidikara manage to bring large crowd over 300


    January 22, 2010: Former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva has refuted claims that the opposition alliance has entered into an agreement with Tamil partiers and pledged to merge the North and East and to create a Tamil state in order to garner the support of the Tamil people.
    He made these statements at a function held at the Kirimetimulla Sri Sumanaramaya in Akuressa yesterday.

    “It is a completely false story that we have entered into an agreement with Tamil partiers and pledged to merge the North and East and to create a Tamil state in order to garner the support of the Tamil people.

    “From 1987 various presidents have extended the merger rights up to 2006. When President Mahinda Rajapaksa attempted to merge North and East, JVP filed a case and I heard it in court. It was Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government that presented facts in court saying that the merger should continue.

    “That is why a case was filed and he has not forgotten this. It was the JVP who took the lead on this and not him. It was the Mahinda Rajapaksa government that was against the court case.

    “There is no agreement with Tamil parities. We informed them about what we are doing. Tamil people accepted the fact that there was no reason to discuss the decentralization of power and pledged to support us,” said the former chief justice Sarath N. Silva.

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